New Pot Market is Bigger Than Colorado + Nevada

It’s going to be the biggest new cannabis market . . .
With annual sales of $650 million!
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A new report from Brightfield Group reports that . . .
Michigan could become a bigger market for recreational cannabis than Colorado or Nevada.
Current estimates suggest that cannabis sales in Michigan could top $650 million within four years.
That would make the Michigan pot market bigger than Nevada and Oregon. And the market could even top Colorado by sales volume.
Currently, 3% of Michigan’s adult population has a medical marijuana card. That rate of use is greater than other states with a medical marijuana program.
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The legalization movement has primarily focused on the East and West coasts. However, that’s starting to change.
Medical marijuana has become legal in several midwestern states. And legalization of adult use is the natural progression.
Last November, Michigan legalized recreational use. And Illinois is expected to follow suit in 2019.
These expanding markets are launching a “Green Rush.”
The major players are looking to secure their strong positions by purchasing the smaller players. This gives them a larger footprint – creating efficiencies and economies of scale for their growing businesses.
That’s why Acreage Holdings (OTC: ACRGF) bought Michigan’s Blue Tire Holdings in November.
Frankly, I’m expecting more merger and acquisition news out of Michigan and the Michigan pot market in the coming months.
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Ian Wyatt

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