What $11 Oil Means for the Economy

Crude oil prices crashed 36% on Monday. West Texas Intermediate Crude is trading at below $12. Oil is now trading at the lowest levels since 1986. And today’s drop… Read more

Patients Recovering with This New Drug

Stocks are rallying today on positive news of an experimental drug for people ill with Covid-19. This experimental drug is having a huge and positive impact. This type of… Read more

Trump Says America Opens Up Soon

President Trump says the U.S. coronavirus outbreak is past its peak. And on Friday morning, Trump took to Twitter to tell states to stop their shutdown. The president says,… Read more

Trump’s Brand-New Deal

Poof! Another 5.2 million jobs are GONE. That brings the total job losses to 23 million – in just four weeks. The American economy has never experienced a catastrophic… Read more

It’s the Economy, Stupid

Wall Street has been riding high on optimism for the last three weeks HOPING that the Covid-19 virus outbreak subsides . . . and praying that we will go… Read more

Trump Secures America’s 5G Wireless

President Trump is preparing to boost America’s wireless networks. It’s just one of his major plans to help America recover from the economic downturn. That’s why he quietly signed… Read more

Outbreak Can’t Stop 5G Rollout

Coronavirus is disrupting the way we live and work. Yet AT&T (NYSE: T) says its plans for a robust 5G rollout are right on track. That’s great news for… Read more

Trump Battles Governors: When to Re-Open America

President Trump says that he’ll decide when America’s lockdown ends. The assertion from President Trump came after governors began making plans for a coordinated re-opening. Groups of states on… Read more

Coronavirus Outbreak’s Second Wave Starts Now

There’s great urgency to re-open the U.S. economy. Here in Vermont, we’re starting our fifth week of “shelter in place.” And folks are getting frustrated and impatient. Yet Japan… Read more

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