Biggest IPO Ever Is Coming Soon

It’ll be the biggest IPO ever.

But it won’t begin trading on a stock exchange near you . . . unless you live in Shanghai or Hong Kong.

Ant Financial Group is the fin-tech affiliate of China internet giant Alibaba (NASDAQ: BABA). And it recently filed to go public with plans to raise $30 billion.

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Ant Financial is bypassing the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and the tech-heavy Nasdaq. Instead, the company’s shares will debut in Shanghai and Hong Kong in a dual listing.

Today we’re are in the midst of an IPO boom. And that includes a rush of new companies going public in both the U.S. and in China.

In the U.S. there have been ninety-three IPOs so far this year, raising $29.1 billion from investors.

The average price gains for IPOs in 2020 is a whopping 53.2%.

This compares to a gain of only 2.7% for the S&P 500 this year.

And the IPO market is just as red-hot in China.

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Before the Ant IPO


Shanghai’s STAR market, open for only one year, is China’s Nasdaq. And it has been one of the most lucrative IPO markets with $19 billion in new listings so far in 2020.

Shanghai’s STAR market has only been open for only one year. And it’s already considered China’s Nasdaq. And it has been one of the most lucrative IPO markets with $19 billion in new listings this year.

By comparison, the NYSE and Nasdaq have launched $29 billion in IPOs. But Ant can put STAR over the top.

American investors are shut out of these hot Chinese IPOs.

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Here’s the backstory about Ant and how you can get in on the IPO.

The company got its start as part of Alibaba years ago. And this will be the second huge IPO from billionaire Chinese entrepreneur Jack Ma.

Its claim to fame is the wildly popular Alipay mobile payment app. It’s like PayPal in the U.S., but with a lot more users. Alipay commands a massive 55% market share of mobile payments in China.

Ant is expanding with a fast-growing range of financial services.  This includes direct consumer lending, credit ratings and even insurance. Ant Financial also runs one of the world’s largest money market funds – with 50% of Chinese people holding accounts.

Analysts peg Ant Financials’ current valuation as high as $210 billion. By selling 15% of the company in its IPO, that adds up to a deal worth $31.5 billion.

That’s larger by far than Saudi Aramco’s record $25.6 billion IPO last year. It makes Ant the largest IPO of all time.

IPO shares will only be trading in Shanghai and Hong Kong, shutting out U.S. investors. Yet, there may be ways to get in on the action through the back door (go here for details).

The Renaissance International IPO ETF (Symbol: IPOS) invests in non-U.S.  new IPOs. The ETF is up 30.3% so far this year, and over half of its portfolio are Chinese stocks. So, this ETF is likely to be an early investor in Ant.

Another way to get in on Ant’s ground floor debut is through its parent: Alibaba (Symbol: BABA). After all, BABA will still own a sizeable stake in Ant after the IPO.

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