The Next ‘Tesla’ Is Going Public – Get Shares Today

Electric vehicles are red hot . . .and that has sent Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) shares to a record high of $1,795.

One new company is being dubbed “the next Tesla.” And it’s getting ready to go public in a historic IPO.

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Now, I’m pretty familiar with Tesla Motors.

The stock launched its back in 2010 at the bargain price of $17. A couple of years later I bought shares around $38 in my personal investment account.

Tesla had just rolled out its Model S sedan. And the new car was getting some very positive early reviews.

The stock has been one of the top performers of the decade. Just check out this chart:

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Elon Musk has done an amazing job leading Tesla. He’s taken the company from a concept +$100,000 roadster . . .

To producing over 300,000 electric vehicles in 2020!

Tesla Motors is now the most valuable carmaker in the entire world:

  • $11 billion= Fiat Chrysler
  • $27 billion = Ford
  • $38 billion = General Motors
  • $51 billion = Mercedes
  • $212 billion = Toyota
  • $265 billion = Tesla Motors

It’s shocking to realize that Tesla is worth more than America’s Big Three automakers. And it’s even valued higher than Toyota – which produces over 8 million vehicles per year.

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IPO Shares Turn $1k into $105,587

Frankly, it’s every investor’s dream.

Put a small $1,000 investment into a tech stock IPO. And then watch as your small investment soars to incredible heights.

Consider a small $1,000 investment in Tesla back in 2010.

That $1,000 would’ve bought you 59 shares of stock. And those 59 shares would be valued $105,587 at Tesla’s peak share price in July.

Or $10k worth of IPO shares would now be worth just over $1 million.

Now, this isn’t Back to the Future. We can’t hop into a time machine and go back to 2010 and buy Tesla stock. However, we can do the next best thing . . .

BUY Pre-IPO shares of a stock that’s considered “the next Tesla.”

Will it turn $1k into $105,587?

There’s no way to know for sure. But I’m expecting big profits. And shares are expected to start trading by November.

That’s why I’m securing these electric vehicle Pre-IPO shares right now.

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