REVEALED: 1,109% Pre-IPO Profits in One Stock

Big Commerce IPO

Privileged investors scored last week . . . with the Big Commerce IPO.

Big Commerce IPO shares were priced at $24. And Big Commerce stock (NASDAQ: BIGC) soared as high as $104 – for a quick 333% gain.

Yet it was Pre-IPO investors who were really smiling – earning 3x bigger profits.

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Big Commerce provides e-commerce software-as-a-service (SaA). And it helps small businesses create their own online stores.

Back in 2018 the company was privately held.

Big Commerce decided to turn to the private markets to raise $64 million. And the goal was to use that capital to grow the company – so it could go public in an IPO.

Investors were able to buy Pre-IPO shares at an estimated price of $8.60.

That means they were able to earn over 1,109% maximum profits.

Now, there are two important things to know . . .

#1: IPO Shares Are Off Limits for Most Investors

Most folks think IPO investing is easy.

Yet my analysis suggests that individual investors frequently get locked out of IPOs. The vast majority of IPO shares are all allocated to big hedge funds and very wealthy investors.

For example, one New York hedge fund planned to buy 20% of the Big Commerce IPO. Tiger Global planned to buy 1.8 shares of the stock for $43.2 million.

Within a couple of days that Big Commerce IPO investment was worth $187 million!

To invest in these types of IPOs you’ll need to have an account at a big Wall Street firm – such as Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley. Plus, you’ll need to have at least $10 million in your account to even have a shot.

That’s not the case with these Pre-IPOs (click here to get started).

#2:  Pre-IPO Investors Get Bigger Profits

Now there’s no guarantee . . .

Yet Pre-IPO investors typically see far bigger profits than IPO investors.

You just saw that the Big Commerce Pre-IPO paid out over three times bigger gains.

Pre-IPOs typically see five times bigger profits!

That’s based upon my analysis of nine recent deals including Vroom, Beyond Meat, Zoom, Moderna and other deals from the last couple of years.

Right now is your chance to grab Pre-IPO shares – right before the stock goes public.

The best news is that you do NOT need to be an accredited investor. You do NOT need to complete any complicated paperwork. And you do NOT need a special account at a big broker.

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Ian Wyatt

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