Dividends That Are 20 Times Bigger: How to Get Them

American blue-chip stocks are great . . . unless you want income.
The paltry 1.9% dividend yield from the S&P 500 is an absolute joke. And unless you’ve got $500k in the bank, that tiny dividend won’t make a dent in your expenses.
What if you could earn a 20x bigger dividend in November?
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Everyone from President Trump to CNN likes to talk up “fake news.” However, this is no joke. And it’s 100% real.
One little-known company just pre-announced a huge 41% dividend. Act now, and you have a shot at collecting your check before Dec. 1.
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Better Than Tesla Motors
This stock is the Rodney Dangerfield of U.S. automakers. It doesn’t get any respect from investors. But the 5% dividend sets this stock apart from the rest.
Your 41% Dividend: It’s the Biggest Dividend of 2017
Act now, and you could be collecting a HUGE 41% dividend check before Nov. 30! It’s the #1 biggest dividend of 2017. Now available – but you must act now. Click here for complete details.
Stock Market Warning: Get Ready for the Next Crash
The run has been exceptional by any standard. The current bull-market run in stocks commenced in March 2009. If we want to be specific, we can point to March 6, 2009, as the gate exit.
Warren Buffett’s #1 Stock Pick: Get My Full Research Report
The Oracle of Omaha has made this the #1 stock pick in his portfolio. Is it in YOUR PORTFOLIO? Go here and get my complete research on this dividend stock.
The Best 6% Dividend
International stocks do not get as much attention in the financial media as U.S. stocks. But investing overseas can prove beneficial, particularly for investors who appreciate dividends.
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Ian Wyatt

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