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2017 was a banner year for cryptocurrencies and bitcoin profits.
If there was a “blue chip of cryptos,” it would be bitcoin. With a market value of $254 billion, bitcoin is twice the size of the next largest cryptocurrency, ethereum.
Bitcoin gained 1,318% in 2017, handing early investors huge gains in bitcoin profits.
bitcoin profits
Those big gains are attracting lots of interest. And that means a considerable amount of trading in the cryptocurrency (click here to discover my #1 way to profit).
Throughout 2017, we saw the volume of bitcoin transactions increasing steadily.
One year ago, a big day saw $100 million of bitcoin trading transactions. By December, bitcoin regularly traded over $1 billion in daily transactions. And on Dec. 21, $5.3 billion bitcoins traded hands in a single day.

Cryptocurrency Exchanges: Easy Bitcoin Profits

All this increased trading volume is making cryptocurrency exchanges rich.
One of the biggest crypto exchanges is Coinbase. The San Francisco company has raised a total of $225 million from investors, including top-shelf venture capital firms Andreessen Horowitz and Draper Fisher Jurvetson.
As of November, Coinbase had 13 million accounts. That means the company has more accounts than Charles Schwab, last reported at 10.2 million.
In August, Coinbase was valued at $1.6 billion! That valuation has likely increased recently, given growing interest in the last couple of months.
Coinbase is still private and OFF LIMITS . . . but one small bitcoin exchange is getting ready to go public in February.
Cryptocurrency exchanges let people conduct transactions, exchanging currencies like U.S. dollars or euros for a cryptocurrency like bitcoin or ethereum.
These exchanges earn a small fee for every single transaction.
Therefore, they aren’t dependent upon the price trend or the value of a cryptocurrency. Instead, they’re most interested in healthy trading volumes. The more trading volume, the more money they make.
During the last year, the average daily trading volume in bitcoin is up 10X.
Meanwhile, the value of daily cryptocurrency trades is now approaching $50 billion. That puts cryptos on par with the average daily volume at the New York Stock Exchange.
One cryptocurrency exchange is offering an extremely simple way to buy bitcoins.
The company is quietly preparing to go public.
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