The Next Big Bitcoin Stock

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Investors have been jumping into cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, sending its price soaring 1,318% in 2017.
That’s sparked a rush of interest in bitcoin and blockchain companies. And as investors jump into these stocks, we’re seeing quick triple-digit gains.
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One similar company named LongFin (NASDAQ: LFIN) went public in mid-December at $5.15 per share.
A few days later, the company announced that it would BUY a blockchain company called And guess what happened to LongFin stock?
Shares rocketed to an intraday high of $142, before retreating to close the session at $72. That resulted in a one-day gain of 229% and valued the company at more than $4 billion.
Since then, LongFin shares have settled down a bit. But the stock is still trading around $52, still giving investors a quick 903% return in just 26 days.
Blockchain stocks are quickly becoming hotter than the cryptocurrency. And the recent returns are evidence that these stocks could be among the biggest winners in 2018.
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Why Bitcoin Stocks Are the Next Big Winners

Everyone knows that buying bitcoin isn’t exactly simple. It requires opening up a new account, transferring money, and providing identification including a driver’s license and social security number.
Most investors want to invest in bitcoin, other cryptos and the blockchain WITHOUT opening up a new special account.
The extra steps involved in the process have prompted some investors to jump into the Bitcoin Investment Trust (OTC BB: GBTC), which surged 1,526% last year.
In fact, the GBTC has become so popular that it now trades at a 51% premium to the value of the bitcoins that it owns.
That’s like BUYING a home for $300,000, even though its only WORTH $200,000 . . . simply because you don’t want to complete some extra paperwork.
Investors are also jumping into publicly traded stocks with exposure to this emerging growth sector.
A variety of companies that operate in the sector include bitcoin mining stocks, cryptocurrency exchanges and blockchain technology providers.
One of the real benefits of these stocks is that they can be bought in any regular brokerage account. Thus far, the profits have outstanding for early investors.
Just check out a few of the biggest winners:

  • Square: +172% in the last year
  • Overstock: +192% in the last three months
  • HIVE Blockchain: +248% since September
  • LongFin: +903% in three weeks

With short-term gains rivaling bitcoin and other cryptos, it’s easy to see why many investors are choosing publicly traded cryptocurrency stocks instead of the currencies themselves like bitcoin, ethereum and XRP (ripple).
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