California Pot Stocks: Still Time to Buy?

California JUST legalized cannabis and stocks are starting to TAKE OFF.
That’s why I’m hosting this just-announced California Pot Stock Summit (click here, it’s FREE).
For the past few months, I’ve been banging the drum on legal cannabis stocks. Until recently, nothing happened. Most folks ignored my messages, thinking the big profits were GONE…
Until a Fortune 500 company called Constellation Brands (NYSE: STZ) invested $191 billion into Canopy Growth (TSE: WEED).
The largest Canadian cannabis stock then surged 136%, from $15 to a current $35.
It’s not too late to buy the RIGHT pot stocks – including my top five government-approved stocks.
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And then read this Q&A for the answers to the most pressing questions.
QUESTION: Is it too late to invest?
IAN: The simple answer is NO. I’ve been BUYING stocks in this sector since March 2017.
Last week, I was buying more. And I’m currently looking at a new California pot stock IPO for my portfolio.
We’re in the second inning of a nine-inning game. And there may be a few extra innings.  So, even if you’ve been sitting on the sidelines… or you’re “under invested”… it’s NOT TOO LATE.
We’re looking at a market that’s expected to grow at over 30% annually for the next decade. There’s still tons of upside.
QUESTION: What are your favorite stocks to buy?
IAN: Personally, I like the Canadian cannabis producers. The reason is because these companies are government licenses and approved to operate. That diminishes the legal risks to these operators.
With Canada fully legalizing recreational cannabis on July 1, these companies will thrive. As that data approaches, we’re going to see increased interest.

California Pot Stocks: What’s Next

QUESTION: How about in the U.S.? How do I invest in California pot stocks?
IAN: My research has uncovered one amazing company that’s buying up California cannabis companies. It’s invested in everything from dispensaries to companies that make vaporizers to edibles. In total, this one stock has investments in 19 businesses.
Management realizes that California is crucial to the market. And that building brands is important with a product that could easily become a “commodity” – just like any other agriculture product.
My research suggests that these shares could DOUBLE in 2018.
QUESTION: Are you expecting more IPOs in the New Year?
IAN: Yes. Right now, I’m eying a small company that’s planning cannabis production facilities in BOTH Canada and California. These will be the two biggest and newest markets in 2018 for recreational weed.
What I really like about this company is that it gives investors instant access to BOTH of these huge markets.
Now, shares are not yet trading. But I’m expecting an Initial Public Offering before Feb. 1. And this stock could be my next big winner.
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Ian Wyatt

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