The Next 10X Winner . . . Is a Pot Stock

What’s the #1 secret to finding 10-baggers?
It’s all about spotting the biggest trends in the market. And that’s why I’m BUYING these “pot stocks” in California and Canada right now.
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Legal cannabis will be a $100 BILLION market in the U.S.
Just to put that in  perspective, that’s 50% of the size of the entire alcohol industry (wine, beer and spirits).
Here’s the best news: California is the largest state in the union, with a population of 39.3 million. And the state just legalized cannabis for recreational use (medical has been legal since 1996).
The market for legal weed just doubled. Plus, the North American market will expand another 50% once Canada legalizes recreational use on July 1.
In total, the potential market for legal weed will grow 259% in 2018.
This news is sending a select group of “pot stocks” surging (click here to discover my top plays).
Like every new emerging sector, there are lots of stocks that are complete garbage.
Yet a select few are 100% “government-approved” – and building real businesses and lasting brands.
Successful investors will be those who can separate the B.S. and hype from the legit operators.
Smart investors like PayPal founder Peter Thiel are investing millions in the sector.
Meanwhile, Fortune 500 company Constellation Brands (NYSE: STZ) just bought a 10% stake in a top cannabis stock for nearly $200 million.
Most money managers are still on the sidelines, waiting for changes to the antiquated federal laws. Yet some bold money managers – and smart individual investors – are jumping on board with cannabis stocks right now.
One of the world’s most successful investors is a guy named Peter Lynch.
Peter made his name as the fund manager at the Fidelity Magellan Fund. He delivered 29% annualized returns to investors between 1977 and 1990 by focusing on big trends and quality companies. You’ve probably heard of Peter Lynch, and may have read his book, One Up on Wall Street.”
He coined the term “10-bagger” to refer to stocks that have delivered to investors a 10X return. And during his heyday, he landed his share of big winners.
Now, if Peter was still managing the Fidelity Magellan Fund, I’d bet he’d be buying cannabis stocks, too.
Big trend + quality company = BIG PROFITS
It’s really pretty simple.
My #1 California cannabis stock is taking off right now. Plus, the very first California cannabis grower is preparing to go public before Feb. 1.
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Yours in Profits,
Ian Wyatt

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