Canadian Cannabis ETF Tops $1 Billion in Assets

On Friday, the Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences ETF (TSE: HMMJ) announced a HUGE milestone . . .
$1 billion in assets!
It’s the latest signal of the new bull market.
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Since December, the assets under management at the Canadian cannabis ETF have nearly doubled from $525 million.
The popular Canadian cannabis ETF has benefitted in two ways.

  1. Rising pot stock prices have increased the value of the ETF’s assets.
  2. The strong sector performance has attracted new investors

Just check out the performance of the Horizons Marijuana ETF versus the S&P 500.
Seriously . . .
166% versus 16%.
That’s 10X more profits from Canadian cannabis stocks . . . compared with blue-chip stocks!
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The following table shows the performance of the index over several time periods.
HMMJ primarily trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSE), where shares are quoted in Canadian dollars.
The ETF also trades Over the Counter (OTC) in the U.S. The ticker symbol for U.S. investors is “HMLSF.”
20 stocks are included in the ETF. HMMJ is focused on Canada, with 77% of the assets invested in Canadian stocks.
That’s because Canada’s taking a proactive view on legalization.
The country will become the first nation to fully legalization recreational sales of cannabis on Oct. 17.
HMMJ is a great investment for investors seeking broad exposure to cannabis stocks.
Like any ETF, the performance of the Canadian cannabis ETF will likely mirror the performance of the overall sector.
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That’s because it’s impossible to beat the benchmark . . . if you OWN the benchmark index.
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