93% of Americans Support Legalization of Marijuana

Support for legal marijuana reaches a new all-time high in America.cannabis stocks
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A Quinnipiac University Poll reports that 93% of Americans support legalization of medical marijuana.
Meanwhile, 63% of Americans think marijuana should be legal nationwide. That compares with just 33% who disapprove of legalization.
The poll reveals that public opinion on legal weed is changing quickly.
Widespread support of cannabis in Canada led to the election of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in 2015.
Expanding support among Americans will make legalization a hot election topic in 2020.
Republican President Donald Trump will either get behind cannabis . . . or he’ll be running against a Democrat who is 100% in support.
Trump has always been opportunistic. And recently released emails from his administration suggest that they’re in support of legalization.
It’s easy to see Trump getting behind legal weed within a couple years.
Now, most investors will WAIT until the FDA remove cannabis from the list of Schedule I of Controlled Substances.
They’ll WAIT for Congress to pass a bill.
They’ll WAIT until the president signs the bill and it’s enacted.
And they’ll miss out on all the big profits.
So, you’ve got two choices:
#1 Do Nothing.
Sit on the sidelines.  Wait for pot to go mainstream. And “BUY” in once it’s been 100% approved.
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