Better Than Dividend Aristocrats?

Most retired investors LOVE blue-chip dividend stocks.
Why? Because these stocks typically pay consistent dividends of 2% to 4% per year. Plus, these blue chips typically see their share prices move higher with the overall market.
Even better than dividend stocks are dividend aristocrats. These companies have a history of raising their dividend annually for at least 25 years.
Of the 500 companies in the S&P 500, only 10% can make the claim.
My grandfather knew the power of investing in dividend aristocrats (even though that’s not what they called them back in the 1970s). He bought shares of Exxon Mobil (NYSE: XOM) for this very reason. And that’s how I got started investing, when he gave me a few shares of the stock.
Last year, my colleague Steve Mauzy and I stumbled upon an income strategy that’s even better.
It’s handed us huge one-day dividends of 7%, 16% and even as much as 33%. You could start collecting these huge payouts, every 21 days (on average).
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That’s all! I’m off to coach my kid’s soccer team. It’s another beautiful day here in Vermont. Have a wonderful weekend.
Ian Wyatt

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