The Simple Path to Four Times the Dividends

“Get paid more money, without more work.”
It almost sounds too good to be true. And that’s why these dividend growth stocks have become so popular over the years.
You invest in the RIGHT dividend growth stocks, and every year your dividend payments can grow by 5% to 10%.
What if you could do even better? What would it mean if you could earn up to four times more income . . . with LESS CAPITAL and LESS RISK?
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This month, some of America’s top blue-chip stocks raised their dividends:

  • McDonald’s (NYSE: MDC): 5% increase
  • Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT): 7% increase
  • JP Morgan Chase (NYSE: JPM): 12% increase
  • Texas Instruments (NYSE: TXN): 24% increase

Even after those increases, the yields are tiny. For example, Texas Instruments is the highest yielding at 2.8%.
Even if you invested $100,000 in Texas Instruments stock, you’d only be pulling down $2,800 in annual dividend income. And on a quarterly basis, that’s only $700.
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