An Early Holiday Gift . . . From Me to You

Good morning! Now that Thanksgiving is over my kids are counting down to the Christmas holiday!
It’s snowing here in Vermont, and I’m going to the local farm to cut down the Christmas tree. The annual tree-cutting is always one of my favorite family traditions.
With the holidays quickly approaching, I’d like to send you a small gift.
It’s my Investing Tips Playing Cards. This exclusive deck of 52 casino-quality playing cards is full of simple tips for becoming a better investor.
You’ll LOVE playing with these cards. And they’re also an amazing “stocking stuffer” gift for someone special.
Just click here to confirm your postal address. I’ll be mailing the cards this week, so you’ll get yours before the holidays.
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Donald Trump Forces Apple to Pay 32% Dividend
President-Elect Donald Trump plans to create a huge tax holiday in 2017. His goal is to have U.S. companies bring back as much as $2.6 trillion in overseas cash. And much of that cash could be invested in returning America to “greatness.”
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Why the Biggest Dividends Start on December 1
In the last week, there have been at least 10 huge dividends. This is just the start. Because the FINAL month of the year is historically the very best period for huge dividends.
Your Holiday Gift: Investing Tips Playing Cards!
Discover the 52 biggest secrets to successful investing . . . inside my deck of casino-quality playing cards. 100 decks of FIRST RUN cards just arrived at my office. I’m mailing them out on a first come, first served basis. Click here to confirm your postal address.
One Simple Strategy to Make 29.9% in the S&P 500
There is one simple options strategy to make money in this sort of range-bound market. It’s a strategy that beats both the bulls and the bears time and time again, and it’s called the “iron condor.”
#1 Stock for Donald Trump
Discover why THIS infrastructure stock could thrive with Donald Trump in the Oval Office. Get the name here.
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Click here to join meWednesday at 12 p.m. Eastern / 9 a.m. Pacific.
Good Investing,
Ian Wyatt

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