Collect $3,817 With 5 ‘Liberty Checks’ in 5 Weeks

The holiday season is nearing full throttle.high-yield liberty checks
Paraphernalia geared toward the December holidays – Christmas, of course, most prominent –  is already front and center at the major department stores. There is no avoiding it.
Another holiday season is also nearing full throttle. This holiday season should be front and center with income investors. It’s a holiday season no income investor should avoid.
We’re nearing full throttle in the “liberty check” season.
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The fourth quarter of the year is typically the busiest time of year for liberty-check declarations. More liberty checks are declared in the fourth quarter than any other quarter.
2018 is holding true to form. I have recommended five companies that have declared liberty checks over the next five weeks.
These liberty checks will be issued by established companies with long operating histories. The companies operate in a variety of industries: insurance, asset management, forest products, and industrial manufacturing.
Investors, even those of modest means, can claim liberty checks ranging from $470 to $1,330 with each payment.
These liberty checks are high-yield payments made on “liberty vouchers.” The liberty vouchers are the securities investors need to own to collect the liberty checks.
To collect the next liberty check, you’ll need to act fast. You’ll need to buy the liberty vouchers by the  market close on Nov. 13. Investors can receive a liberty check of $700 or more if they act between now and the market close on Tuesday.
That’s only the beginning.
Nov. 15 is another cutoff date. Investors can receive a liberty check of $710 if they act between now and the market close on Thursday.
Three more liberty checks follow. Investors can claim liberty checks of $470, $670, and $1,330. Investors can claim liberty checks totaling $3,817 or more. They can collect all five liberty checks within the next five weeks.
The liberty voucher opens the door. Own the liberty voucher, collect a liberty check.
The good news is that liberty vouchers are no velvet investment. Anyone can buy a liberty voucher, anyone can collect a high-yield, high-income liberty check.
All you need is the knowledge, which is in the offing. I will show you how to collect your liberty checks at a free, live webinar I will co-host on Nov. 13 (this Tuesday) at 2 p.m. EST (11 a.m.  PST). 
You’ll learn how to collect these five declared liberty checks. You’ll learn how to collect liberty checks that are sure be declared in the near future.
I have already shown investors how to collect 44 company-issued liberty checks since June 2016. A new liberty-check opportunity arises every 20 days on average.
The average has tightened to one new liberty-check recommendation every nine days since September. After all, we are approaching full throttle for liberty-check declarations.
These high-yield liberty checks have generated an average income yield 7X the dividend yield on the S&P 500. One liberty-check recommendation generated a 41% income yield.
The liberty vouchers enable you to collect high-yield liberty checks. The liberty vouchers are also traded to generate additional profit. Total returns as high as 51% are possible. I’m not talking years. I’m talking months, if not weeks.
It’s all for the immediate taking.
You have the opportunity to collect 7X more income with high-yield liberty checks. You have the opportunity to trade company-issued liberty vouchers for additional profit.
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