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You don’t have enough saved for retirement.ideal retirement
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There’s a lot of talk about wealth inequality in America, but the issue might be even worse than you thought. At least when it comes to retirement.
A lot of people think the retirement crisis is a low-earner problem. People who have (or had) well-paying jobs, nice houses and are reasonably affluent surely have enough saved for retirement. Right?
But a recent study from The New School’s Schwartz Center for Economic Policy Analysis shows that isn’t necessarily the case.
True, high earners typically had more cash in their retirement accounts in absolute terms. It stands to reason that someone making $200,000 probably set aside more money over their careers then someone who only made $20,000.
But here’s the general rule of thumb for the ideal retirement: To be comfortable in retirement – basically to have enough savings to enjoy the standard of living to which you’re accustomed – you should save 20% of your annual income.
The simple fact is, most Americans just don’t do that.
In fact, median retirement wealth falls 84% short of what it would be if people were to save even 6% of every paycheck and receive a 50% employer match.
The reason people fall short on retirement savings? Life is expensive.
When asked why they don’t hit their ideal retirement goals, no matter whether they were a high-earner or a low-wage worker, the answers were pretty uniform. The cost of buying a home, unexpected medical emergencies or layoffs, putting kids through college. And many soon-to-be-retired folks are still carrying debt.
If you haven’t saved enough to retire in the lifestyle you’ve grown accustomed to, Social Security isn’t likely to make up the difference.
The average Social Security check is $1,461 a month. The maximum possible benefit is $2,861 for 2019, but it’s only payable to those who had the maximum taxable earnings for at least 35 working years.
Needless to say, there aren’t a lot of folks who qualify for the maximum benefit. So, you probably can’t depend on Social Security to fund your retirement.
The good news is we can help you close the gap between what you saved and what you’ll probably collect in Social Security.
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