Treasury Official: Get Ready for More ‘Liberty Checks’

The new tax law is giving millions of Americans tax cuts in 2018.
But America’s corporations are the biggest winners.
Most Americans are completely oblivious. But Section 965 of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 could spark a rush of “Liberty Check” payments in 2018.
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Credit rating agency Moody’s reports that American companies had $1.4 billion in cash offshore.
Meanwhile, Bloomberg reports that the top 50 S&P 500 companies are sitting on $925 billion in cash.
President Trump wants U.S. companies to invest in America. So, he’s forcing them to pay taxes on offshore cash. They’ll pay the tax whether they bring it back into the U.S. or leave it in an offshore tax heaven.
The one-time tax is set at 15.5% for cash. And illiquid investments will be taxed at 8%.
Stephen Shay is a former Treasury Department official who now teaches at Harvard.
Reuters reports:  “Shay said some multinationals could reduce their cash positions, and the amount of money subject to the higher rate, through legitimate distributions including dividend payments.”
In boardrooms across the country, corporate directors are planning to put the cash to work.
Sitting on billions in cash can be a drag on a company’s financial performance. That’s because cash in the bank – earning 1% in interest – doesn’t provide any return for investors. And it can actually LOWER a company’s return on equity.
The new tax code forces companies to pay a one-time tax on these offshore profits.
After the tax has been collected, there’s little reason to keep the cash in tax heavens such as Ireland or Luxembourg.
Instead, they might as well bring that cash back into the U.S.
A large portion of this cash will be distributed in the form of “Liberty Checks.
In fact, the next payout will be made this week – on Wednesday, April 11.
Companies like AbbVie (NASDAQ: ABBV), Altria (NYSE: MO) and Coca-Cola (NYSE: KO) are already sending out big checks.
This next payout comes from a natural resources company in Alabama.
Regular folks could collect a $2,281 Liberty Check this week.
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Wednesday’s payment is just the start. There’s another $3,360 payout next week.
Act now, and you could be sitting on an extra $5,641 before May 1!

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