Goldman Sachs: Liberty Checks Total $3.1 Trillion

Goldman Sachs estimates that these Liberty Check payments could total $3.1 TRILLION.liberty cash
Those payments could be more than the annual gross domestic product of the India ($2.4 trillion) and France ($2.6 trillion)!
Now, these payments won’t all be paid out in one fell swoop. But the deadline for the next payout is coming shortly.
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So, what are these Liberty Checks?
Well, they’re huge payouts from America’s biggest and best corporations.
You can thank President Donald Trump’s landmark legislation – the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.
It really doesn’t matter whether you voted for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. The new laws went LIVE on Jan. 1, 2018 , , , and they’re sparking a flood of Liberty Check payouts.
That’s because section 965 of the tax code forces corporate America to tax action.
Over the past decade or so, American corporations have stashed $3.1 trillion in offshore tax heavens. That’s a 63% increase in the last seven years!
Growing sales, low costs and record corporate profits have encouraged companies to hold on to their cash.
The new tax bill encourages companies to bring cash back into the U.S. That’s because companies will be taxed 15.5% on their offshore profits.
So, what will American companies do with all this cash?
Republicans on Capitol Hill want them to “invest in America.” Build new offices. On-shore manufacturing that’s currently being done in China. And give employees a raise.
That’s not going to happen.
Instead, corporate execs will continue doing what they’ve always done.
Take care of themselves (and their shareholders).
That’s why we’re already seeing record levels of these Liberty Check payments in 2018. And this is just the start.
Tomorrow, regular folks could quickly collect $2,281 in instant income. In fact, I’m personally planning to cash a check for $6,530.
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Now, there’s one thing you must understand. This next Liberty Check is being sent out ASAP. And there’s a HARD DEADLINE:
Tomorrow at 4 p.m. Eastern Time.
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