How to Buy the Top Dividend Growers at an 18% Markdown

The top dividend growers are for the taking. Better yet, they’re for the taking at an 18% markdown to market value.
The top dividend growers include Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL), Wal-Mart Stores (NYSE: WMT), Philip Morris International (NYSE: PM), and other names you’d readily recognize. And, yes, they can all be bought at an 18% markdown. An $0.82 investment buys a dollar’s worth of value.
Not only can you buy the top dividend growers at a markdown, you can buy them and capture even higher income yield.
Apple’s dividend yields 1.7%, Wal-Mart’s yields 2.7%. Philip Morris offers the highest dividend yield at 3.4%. But you can buy all three (and many more) in an investment that yields 4.9%.
You can buy these and other top dividend growers in a “millionaire cash machine” — an investment vehicle bought by many of the wealthiest investors. Buffett, Gates, Icahn, Gabelli, Gross, and other famous investors have owned (or do own) these millionaire cash machines.
Their attraction is obvious. Millionaire cash machines enable you to buy investments at a discount to market value. They also enable you to buy investments and capture even higher income yield than if you bought the underlying individual securities.
To buy Apple at an 18% markdown to its market price is reason enough to buy it in a millionaire cash machine. But to buy Apple at an 18% markdown to market value and then to nearly triple your yield, requires no further explanation.
If attraction is obvious, why do so few investors invest through a millionaire cash machine?
I don’t have a ready answer, but I do have ready facts.
Less than 2% of money allocated to pooled investments is allocated to millionaire cash machines. Hedge funds and exchanged-traded funds (EFT) attract far more investor money. Mutual funds, with over $16 trillion in assets under management, attract by far the most.
Millionaire cash machines are mere niche investments in comparison. There’s no reason for this niche status.
You can buy a millionaire cash machine to accommodate all investment preferences. I mentioned the top dividend grower millionaire cash machine, but there are many more.
You’ll find millionaire cash machines dedicated to domestic stocks, international stocks, preferred stocks, bonds, master-limited partnerships, REITs, commodities, gold, etc. Whatever you find in mutual funds, an ETF, and most hedge funds, you’ll find in a millionaire cash machine.
You might think there’s a velvet rope; there isn’t. Millionaire cash machines are open to all investors.
Unlike hedge funds, millionaire cash machines have no minimum wealth or income requirements. Unlike mutual funds, millionaire cash machines have no minimum investment amount. You can invest $100 or $100,000. It’s up to you.
Access is no detriment. Millionaire cash machines can be bought and sold as easily as an individual stock or ETF.
This ability to buy investments at a markdown and to collect higher income is one so few investors exploit. But no more. Here’s your chance join an exclusive club.
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