President Trump: Expect More Liberty Checks in 2019

The numbers are in . . .cash repatriation
Reuters reports that American corporations brought over $500 billion in offshore cash back into the U.S.
With billions in extra cash in this cash repatriation, many companies are sending out record “Liberty Checks.”
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American companies are stashing an estimated $3.1 trillion in offshore tax heavens.
It’s in secret accounts everywhere from Ireland to the Cayman Islands. And it’s been out of the reach of Uncle Sam.
Everything changed with the 2017 Tax Cuts & Jobs Act. It essentially forces American corporations to bring offshore cash back into the U.S.
That’s because the new tax law says foreign earnings will be taxed at 15.5% – regardless of whether the cash is offshore or in the U.S. The legislation prompted U.S. companies to repatriate hundreds of billions of dollars in profits.
Here are the latest numbers:

  • Q1: $295 billion
  • Q2: $170 billion
  • Q3: $93 billion

This chart shows the dramatic increase in corporate cash repatriation.
cash repatriation
The numbers aren’t yet in for the fourth quarter of 2018. If we saw another $90 billion in the final quarter of the year, that would take the total to nearly $650 billion.
That means there is still another $2.5 trillion offshore – waiting to come back into the U.S. in cash repatriation.
President Trump says that ALL of this offshore cash will come back into America.
That’s just one reason I’m expecting another record year for Liberty Checks.
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New York Company Issues $86 Million in Liberty Checks

One tiny New York company just made a fortune selling its electronics business to a Japanese holding company.
Instead of keeping that cash in an offshore bank account in the Cayman Islands, the company’s board of directors is bringing the cash back to the U.S.
And this company plans to send out $86 million in Liberty Checks in early February.
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