Samsung Blows Up and Apple Stock Jumps

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Apple to Pay $215 Billion to Shareholders
The company is sitting on $215 billion in cash overseas. And after the European Commission’s attempt to retroactively tax Apple, Tim Cook is exploring his options. Discover how the company plans to pay a huge dividend in 2017.
Your Phone Is On Fire!
The brand new Samsung Galaxy S7 is literally blowing up . . . forcing the company to recall 1 million phones in the U.S. That’s bad news for Samsung, but great timing for Apple’s new iPhone launch.
Huge 10.6% Dividend
Discover how to trade the biggest dividend stocks. I’m talking about 10%, 26% and even 37%! Find out how it works.
Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump: Who is Worst for Stocks?
Candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump both have record-breaking disapproval ratings. Yet on Nov. 8, 2016, either Clinton or Trump will secure the White House.
Profit from the Apple iPhone 7
Last week, Apple unveiled its brand new iPhone. Certain models are already sold out, defying all the critics. Discover three top ways to profit.
15th Anniversary Wealth Summit
Join us at our VIP Wealth Summit event! It’s 100% free to attend. Just click here to confirm your attendance.
Better Than Gold: Buy These Metals
Gold gets all the attention. But two precious metals will benefit from huge demand, and limited supply.
The Best Bank for Dividends
2016 has been a difficult year for big banks. The Fed’s delay in raising interest rates is hurting profits . . . and investors are growing impatient. That makes now one of the best times to buy this out-of-favor bank.
#1 Solar Stock to Buy
Solar stocks have crashed. But one amazing company is profitable, has a strong balance sheet  and the stock is cheap. Get the details.
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