Before You Race in the Daytona 500…

Racing in the Daytona 500 is a BIG DEAL.winning strategy
Since 1982, the Daytona 500 has been considered the championship race. Unlike most sports, where the championship happens at the end of the season, the Daytona 500 kicks off the NASCAR season.
The 500-mile race typically takes about 3 hours and 15 minutes, with the winner AVERAGING a speed of 150 M.P.H.
Now, when you’re driving that fast . . . for several hours . . . around a track with 43 other cars . . . you must be prepared. Nobody simply walks onto the track and hops into a car, ready to race.
In many ways, that makes it a lot like trading: it would be completely reckless to get started without a firm understanding and a hard set of rules.
That’s WHY I’m hosting this exclusive training session (click here).
After watching Andy trade for the last seven years, I’ve had a chance to see his winning strategies in action.
I’ve also heard horror stories from HUNDREDS of folks who get into trading for the wrong reasons . . . make costly and easily avoidable mistakes . . . and probably would’ve had more fun taking a vacation to Las Vegas.
Most traders FAIL. In fact, I’ve seen studies that suggest that up to 95% of active traders fail. They either lose all their money, or simply quit because they can’t make money.
Another study from the University of California, Berkeley, shows that active traders underperform the market by 6.5% annually.
Meanwhile, we know that many professional traders get consistent results every single year (and that’s why they regularly get multi-million dollar bonuses, trading for the big banks and hedge funds).
It begs the question: WHY do so many regular people FAIL at trading?
My research with Andy  ̶  and 45+ years of combined experience in the markets  ̶  shows that there is a distinct difference between professional traders and the average person trading at home.

Trading Like a Pro: A Step-By-Step Process

Go here to start trading like a PRO. We’ll share our step-by-step process. Here’s what we see as the big differences:
Emotion vs. Math
Most folks like to trade based upon their FEELINGS. You’ll hear them talk about their “gut.” They even use words like “bet” when describing their trades.
The successful PROs that we’ve seen ALL use a specific system. They base their decisions upon math and probabilities. Every trade is calculated, with an expected outcome. Nothing is left to chance.
Risk Management
Winning PRO traders know that managing the downside risk is KEY to winning. Limiting the amount of capital loss per trade preserves capital, makes it easy to walk away from a losing trade, and keeps your mind focused on the next winning trade.
Even the top traders at Goldman Sachs  ̶  who earn more than $20 million in annual bonuses  ̶  have losing trades. The reason they’re on top of their game in trading success is BECAUSE they don’t let small losers become big losers.
Position Sizing
One of the best ways to limit your downside risk is by using appropriate position sizing. The most successful active traders that I’ve met will often limit a single trade to 5% of the portfolio.
They know that it’s possible to lose three or even five consecutive trades. Yet when they limit max exposure to just 5% of the account, they aren’t going to get knocked out.
Income vs. Speculation
PRO traders are trying to consistently earn 7% to 15% per month (on average). The professionals win at least 60% to 80% of their trades. And they’re seeking consistent results   ̶   including trading income every month.
They KNOW that those types of gains let them double their money every year.
Most folks who start trading like the “idea” of doubling their money overnight . . . or turning $500 into $5,000 with a quick options trade.
You’ve got to remember that Warren Buffett, widely considered the world’s best investor, has delivered 20.8% annual gains from 1964 to 2016. So, anyone who can consistently do BETTER THAN BUFFETT should be considered on the top of their game.
The RIGHT Stocks and ETFs for Trading Success

Lots of folks get into trading looking for high volatility situations. They want to trade forex, bitcoin or tiny mining stocks BECAUSE they’re looking for volatility.
That’s a stark contrast to PRO traders, who focus on liquid investments. They’re trading the top 100 actively traded ETFs and stocks in the S&P 500.
Trading like a PRO is EASY . . . and Andy’s ready to show you how to achieve trading success.
This groundbreaking trading approach is surprisingly simple . . . if you’re willing to invest a small amount of your time.
It’s the perfect approach if you’re ready to WIN 80% to 93% of your trades and want to earn $1,000 to $4,000 in extra monthly income.
Go here right now for instant access.
Good Trading,
Ian Wyatt

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