Q&A: Inside the Income Trading Master Class

This week, we’re launching Andy Crowder’s Options Boot Camp. And we’re kicking it off with an amazing live webinar:
The #1 Rule for Earning $1,393 in Monthly Options Income
Andy’s really pulling out all the stops for this three-part exclusive training. In fact, he’s never done this before.
That means this is brand new content. 100% fresh. And it’s designed to help you start trading like a PRO. Go here now for FREE access.
IAN: Andy, thanks for pulling together this amazing, in-depth training. What was the inspiration for the Options Boot Camp?
ANDY: The inspiration came while I was away on vacation. For years, I’ve been receiving emails about the various options strategies I use and my approach.
We’ve been very good about presenting our strategies to the public, but have never really attempted to do a comprehensive type of educational program. After much thought, I realized it was time.
I’m literally going to teach you everything I know, inside this three-part LIVE TRAINING. These are the same strategies and tactics that are used by professional traders.
Using these strategies, I’m confident that you can win more trades, beat the market, and reduce your risk of losses. If that sounds like a winning combination, please click here to join me.
IAN: Well, we really appreciate all your work on this over the last month.  What is the No. 1  reason that someone reading this email should participate?
ANDY: Well, I’m not sure I can give a number one reason as why someone should participate.
The boot camp is going to be great for people who want to earn consistent income. However, it’s not just about income. These simple strategies are great for people who want to beat the market, and for risk-averse investors who want to limit their downside.
I will be covering anything and everything related to the options selling strategies I use from the basics to the advanced and in between. I will certainly share a fresh view on how a few simple numbers can be used to outperform the market.
This isn’t about the single best strategy . . . or one amazing trade. It’s about a comprehensive – yet surprisingly simple – approach to trading.
IAN: We’ve been flooded with emails from folks who are super excited to improve their trading. In fact, it’s the No. 1  reason that people who sign up for your webinar.
Can you really help people improve their trading in this 60-minute training?
ANDY: Of course! One of the most valuable aspects of this training is related to risk management. I consistently hear that my tips related to position-sizing can give people a new perspective on how to properly manage a portfolio. This is a valuable tool for stock and options portfolios.
As part of this training, I’m going to be showing 10 live trades. That means I’ll be going into the market, looking for trades in front of a live audience, and showing people exactly how I’d execute the trades.
These trades will include some easier trades, such as Covered Calls and Selling Puts . . . plus, more complicated strategies including Credit Spreads and Iron Condors. These are all high probability trades that can deliver consistent results.
IAN: Give us an overview. What can people expect to learn in tomorrow’s live webinar?
ANDY: Tomorrow, I will be discussing why I trade options, my approach, the statistics behind my approach and various risk-management techniques.
This will include an in-depth discussion on position-sizing and a few related examples. Plus, I’ll briefly introduce the strategies that are working best right now. I can’t wait to have you join me inside the Options Boot Camp.
IAN: Thanks Andy!
Andy is offering you absolutely everything, inside this amazing three-part options trading master class.
Once you understand Andy’s PRO-level options trading strategies, you’ll never go back. It all starts with proven strategies for winning 80% to 90% of your trades.
By attending the FREE options boot camp, you’ll probably start winning more trades . . . get more consistent results . . . and stop losing money in the market.
Just click here now. No excuses.
Ian Wyatt

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