10 Tech Stock Losers to Avoid – Plus the Top Buys

10 Tech Stock Losers to Avoid – Plus the Top Buys

The old tech stock winners are getting crushed in 2022.

This Includes some of the famous FAANG stocks. Plus, other popular overpriced tech stocks are also getting hammered.

Here’s the thing…

The FAANG stocks are now old-school. They’re giants. Their years of hyper growth are a thing of the past. Some may even be on the way to becoming dinosaurs.

Daily Profit readers have seen my warnings of a stock market crash. 

And my prediction of a major selloff among recent tech stock winners.

The FAANG stocks are quickly being replaced with next generation technology.

They’re called MACE stocks. And they’re at the center of the biggest tech innovations for the coming decade.

Go here to discover WHY I’m investing $100,000 of my own savings in MACE stocks. And you’ll discover just how high these stocks could soar.

The losses in the tech sector are staggering.

The Technology Select Sector ETF (NYSE: XLK) tracks the overall tech sector.

It’s posting a 11.65% YTD loss.

And you’ve probably seen that many of the famous tech stocks are getting wrecked this year.

That’s why lots of folks are selling these stocks…

While the smartest investors are using the downturn to uncover new opportunities (go here for my top 5 MACE stocks).

They’re not simply looking to buy Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT)  or Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) after its 36% drop since January.

So what exactly are MACE stocks?

Although you probably haven’t heard of MACE yet – soon EVERYONE will be talking about it.

The good news is that you still have time to get a first-mover advantage when it comes to the MACE race.

And a chance to turn even a small investment into a sizable fortune.

Go here for urgent details on the top 5 MACE stocks.

Yours in Wealth,

Ian Wyatt

CNBC Says FANG Stocks Are Dead – Buy These Instead: I’m taking $100,000 of my savings – and I’m going “all in” on new next-generation tech stocks. They’re called the MACE stocks. And they stand to topple Facebook and the other tech giants. Go here for urgent trade details.

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