55,000% gains on “The Electric Boat Company”

I recently sent an email out about how the Fed is crashing the market.

It caused quite a stir, especially when I revealed that I’m betting $100,000 on “MACE” stocks and believe they will beat FAANG during this crazy new market. (Learn about MACE stocks here).

But I’ve gotten so many questions about it, I thought I’d provide a little bit more detail in this issue to explain my thesis behind this investment strategy.

You see, FAANG stocks have pretty much outperformed everything else in the market over the last ten years especially.

That’s Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google.

In fact, these FAANG stocks have pretty much CARRIED the entire market.

They’re so gigantic, so profitable, and so capitalized… that they pretty much are singlehandedly responsible for the enormous growth we’ve seen in the S&P 500 and Nasdaq indexes.

Heck, if you had just invested $1,000 into each FAANG stock – $5,000 in all – starting on January 1st, 2010 (and you invested in Facebook when it IPO’d in 2012) you’d be up $142,677 right now.

That’s a total 2,753% return, CRUSHING what you could have gotten with SPY over the same amount of time (about 320%) and Nasdaq (about 800%).

So why do I believe MACE stocks are about to beat those returns, turning $5,000 into possibly $700,650 or more in the next 36 months alone?

It really just comes down to ALWAYS revolving your capital into the next “no-brainer” tech trends.

Take electric boats for example.

Sounds pretty futuristic, right? It almost sounds SO futuristic it’s silly.

But believe it or not The Electric Boat Company was a listed stock back in the 1930s and they focused on building submarine tech.

And from 1932 to 1954 it gained 55,000%!

Keep in mind, that was during the depths of the Great Depression and WWII.

The Electric Boat Company later merged with Canadair to form what is now the $40B-market cap aerospace & defense giant General Dynamics.

It’s safe to say that people feel very comfortable buying a stock like General Dynamics today, which is up nearly 15,000% since 1968 alone.

But they wouldn’t feel very comfortable buying the bleeding-edge tech startup “Electric Boat Company” during the Great Depression.

It’s hard to convince people to shift their capital into emerging tech companies… but it’s the SAFEST bet out there!

Take Tesla for example.

I was urging my readers to get into Tesla when it was $7.60 a share. Barely anybody listened.

All the news at the time was bearish on Tesla.

MarketWatch wrote “Why you shouldn’t invest in Tesla stock” back in 2012.

New York Times gave Tesla’s Model S a terrible review.

Business Insider wrote, “The Tesla Nightmare Shows Why Today’s All-Electric Cars Are (Basically) Dead On Arrival.”

But look – what was the obvious emerging tech trend? Electric cars.

How else was the car going to evolve? Vehicle manufacturers had been improving fuel efficiency for decades. Then hybrids came along. What was the obvious next-step?

Electric vehicles.

Where else were we possibly going to go when it comes to cars?

So by simply spotting the emerging tech and investing in it you could have seen over 16,000% gains on that alone.

Looking for “what’s next” in tech is how to get into stocks that will out-perform no matter WHAT crazy stuff is going on in the world or how bad the markets are getting crushed.

Which is especially important now that I believe the Fed’s new tighter policies could spearhead a market crash throughout 2022. Or at the very least – cause very poor returns.

And that’s really why I believe…

The FAANG Trade Is Over

The time to get into FAANG stocks was over 10 years ago during the Great Financial Crisis.

Just like the time to jump into Internet infrastructure companies was during the Dot Com crash.

Just like the time to get into “The Electric Boat Company” was during the Great Depression.

Today the “FAANG Trade” is common sense. Everybody KNOWS that “FAANG stocks” are what you’re supposed to invest in.

But FAANG stocks are no longer “emerging tech” – they’re established tech and they’re actually falling behind MACE stocks (to learn more about MACE stocks go here).

This is the issue with how the “Average Joe” invests – this is why they NEVER see the big gains in the market.

They take a “wait and see” approach on all the most exciting emerging tech trends, until these companies are established mainstream top-heavy behemoths.

THEN they decide they want to buy a few shares.

This is NOT how you make REAL money!

FAANG stocks were the last decade – MACE stocks are the next decade.

And I believe these are the bleeding-edge emerging tech trends that are going to become the new “household names” within the next ten years.

Nobody will be talking about FAANG, they’ll be talking about MACE.

And right now, during these choppy markets, MACE is in the perfect position to come out the winner.

That’s why I’m putting $100,000 of my own capital into MACE today and why I believe it could turn $5,000 into $700,000 or more in the next 36 months alone.

But here’s the thing – you can’t take a “wait and see” approach with this.

Because by the time most people are ready to get into MACE, it’s going to be too late.

All the big gains will be gone, just like we’re seeing with the FAANG trade today.

The time to get in on the MACE race is NOW.

Go here to register for my free MACE stocks webinar, where I’ll show exactly why this is the tech trade of the decade.

If you want to survive the crash the Fed could be about to cause and you want to be on the side of the next unstoppable winning market – you’ve got to go here now and register.

Yours in Wealth,

Ian Wyatt

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