$44.9 Billion Sparks 5G Boom

5G boom

$44.9 billion.

That’s the estimated annual spending on 5G wireless networks by 2025.

And it marks a 253% increase from $12.6 billion in spending this year.

The 5G rollout is unstoppable. And even a global pandemic can’t stop fifth-generation wireless and the 5G boom.

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America’s wireless companies are spending billions this year to make 5G a reality. And that means by the end of the year wireless access speeds could increase by up to 10X.

In mid-March, the FCC ended its latest spectrum auction.

The FCC auction showed $7.5 billion was spent on wireless spectrum by 28 companies.

Yet spectrum is just the start of the 5G boom.

The far greater cost includes building wireless hotspots across the country.

5G hotspots are much smaller than the typical 4G tower. Yet the network depends upon a far greater number of these hotspots in order to provide ample coverage.

AT&T, Sprint T-Mobile and Verizon have already committed billions to capital spending in 2020. Last year, the four companies spent a total of $55.6 billion on their networks.

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The Virus Outbreak and 5G Boom

The current outbreak of the virus is forcing people to work from home.

That’s putting a strain on high speed internet connections – with usage soaring by 70%!

People are demanding faster internet connections at home. And 5G wireless could also provide an equally fast internet connection for many people.

That’s why Verizon announced plans to spend an extra $500 million on building 5G in 2020.

Plus, AT&T canceled its planned stock buyback program. The company is instead pouring $4 billion into infrastructure spending. And a large portion of that is expected to be on 5G.

There’s no doubt about it . . .

5G is coming to America in 2020. And it’ll spark a 5G Gold Rush for a handful of American tech stocks.

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