Leaked: Apple’s Cheap 5G iPhone Shocks Experts

Rumors are flying around Silicon Valley: Apple’s 5G iPhone Will Cost $649

Apple iPhones are notoriously expensive.

Yet the company is now planning a low-cost 5G iPhone. And it’s expected to be released in October.

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News of the cheaper iPhone wasn’t announced by Apple. The company is incredibly secretive – and doesn’t pre-announce new products.

Yet one Apple leaker says sources tell him that the new iPhone will start at $649.

Jon Prosser runs a popular YouTube channel called Front Page Tech with 217,000 subscribers. And he just released details on the upcoming iPhone 12.

Below you’ll find his tweet with details on the various phones that we can expect.

Prosser says that all four iPhone 12 models will be configured with 5G. Pricing for the top iPhone models will remain consistent with prices for current high-end models.

In April, Prosser got a ton of attention by accurately predicting the release of the new iPhone SE. That accurate prediction gives this source some credibility.

“These prices were given to me from the same source that nailed the iPhone SE launch date,” he explained.

  • 5.4-inch OLED iPhone with 5G and a 2-camera system – $649
  • 6.1-inch OLED iPhone with 5G and a 2-camera system – $749
  • 6.1-inch OLED iPhone Pro with 5G and a 3-camera system to include LiDAR – $999

  • 6.7-inch OLED iPhone Pro Max with 5G and a 3-camera system to include LiDAR – $1,099

For the last six months, I’ve said that Apple’s new iPhones will cause 5G to go mainstream.

Apple is the king of the smartphone. The company’s decision to move all phones over to 5G speaks to the importance of this new wireless network.

Additionally, Apple is now planning to release the new iPhone in October. That means the new phones will be available during the important holiday shopping season.

Lowering the price of the entry level phone to just $649 will help Apple compete with lower-priced Android smartphones.

That seems like a smart move due to the economic downturn that’s unfolding.

This is major news that’s being overshadowed by the company’s quarterly earnings report.

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P.S. Here’s Jon Prosser’s Tweet announcing the new 5G iPhones and pricing.

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