Inside the Confidential Airbnb IPO

Airbnb is quietly getting ready to go public.

The company is preparing to go public in a CONFIDENTIAL IPO.

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Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs are expected to lead the Airbnb initial public offering. And that means wealthy clients of the two firms will have a shot at huge profits.

As with most IPOs, ordinary investors will be shut out of the official IPO. And they’ll have to wait for the stock to start trading.

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Inside the Airbnb Business

Airbnb was founded in 2008.

It’s a home-sharing platform that connects owners of homes and apartments with short-term renters.

Last year the company’s revenues totaled $4.8 billion. Like many tech companies, Airbnb operates at a significant loss.

Back in 2017, Airbnb was valued at $31 billion. The company had raised $2 billion from venture capital firms and banks including Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan and Citigroup.

The global pandemic in 2020 caused a significant decline in Airbnb’s business. Short-term rentals dried up overnight due to travel restrictions and widespread fear.

Airbnb laid off 1,900 employees as part of a series of cost-cutting measures. That amounted to one-quarter for the company’s workforce.

At the same time, the company rushed to raise capital to stay afloat.

Two private equity firms, Silver Lake and Sixth Street Partners, invested $1 billion.

The firms provided $1 billion in debt with a 10% interest rate. Plus, the debt can be converted into equity at an $18 billion valuation.

It was a sweetheart deal – allowing the private equity firms to buy Airbnb at a 50% discount to the recent valuation.

Airbnb’s business has recovered as the economy has re-opened.

Most people are not getting on airplanes or taking big trips. Instead, they’re staying close to home and taking trips within driving distance.

This means most folks are looking for home rentals. And these accommodations are more appealing – and seem safer – than staying at a large hotel or a resort.

On July 8, Airbnb reported that it had booked more than 1 million nights in daily bookings. That was the first time daily bookings had reached this level since March 3.

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Confidential IPO

Rumors are swirling that Airbnb is planning a confidential IPO.

The Securities & Exchange Commission allows private companies to keep their IPO plans quiet. This means that the S.E.C. can begin reviewing the paperwork. Yet the general public – including investors and competitors – are NOT able to get details.

This is often designed to avoid letting competitors gather confidential information during the IPO process.

So, what’s the company worth?

During the depths of the pandemic, Airbnb was valued at $18 billion. And back in 2017 the company was valued at $31 billion.

It’s likely that the Airbnb IPO valuation will be between $22 billion – $25 billion.

The company’s business is certainly riskier than it was back in 2017. Yet the business has certainly improved since March.

Stay tuned for more details on the coming Airbnb initial public offering.

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