Facebook Founder’s IPO Launches on NYSE


One Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) co-founder just launched a new IPO.

And shares surged 37% in the debut on the New York Stock Exchange.

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Yesterday Palantir stole the headlines with its $22 billion IPO.

Yet a smaller IPO also started trading yesterday. And its shares may be even more compelling for investors.

The company is Asana (NYSE: ASAN).

Asana is a cloud software solution that helps teams collaborate.

The company was started by Facebook co-founder Dustin Markovitz. He was a roommate  with Mark Zuckerberg at Harvard. And they started “The Facebook” together in their dorm room.

More companies are working 100% remote – due to the pandemic. And this creates increased demand for tools like those from Asana.

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Asana helps over 75,000 customers stay organized. Those companies have 1.2 million people using the platform. Companies turn to Asana to manage tasks, calendars timelines and projects.

Last year the company’s sales surged 86% to reach $142 million. And in the first quarter of this year, sales reached nearly $48 million.

Asana is currently spending heavily to grow its client base. That decision to invest in growth means the company is operating at a significant loss.

However, it’s likely that Asana will begin to rein in those expenses. And that could put the company on a path toward profitability within the next couple of years.

The market for work management software will grow to $23 billion by 2023, according to IDC. And that means there’s tons of room for Asana to grow.

Asana’s valuation is rich at $4.4 billion. However, this company could continue growing at +30% for the next decade. And that compounding growth could send the stock price considerably higher.

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Full Disclosure: Ian Wyatt owns shares of Asana.

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