President Trump’s Top Coronavirus Vaccines

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President Trump is optimistic . . .

Saying that 10 upcoming drugs are in active trials and look “incredibly successful.”

One $5 stock is already getting millions from “smart money” investors. And it could be among Trump’s top COVID-19 biotech stocks.

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“Currently, ten different therapeutic agents are in active trials and some are looking incredibly successful. But they have to go through a process and it’s going to be a quick process based on what the FDA told me,” says President Trump.

Plus, there are an additional 15 treatments that are rushing to begin clinical trials.

“There’s tremendous light at the end of the tunnel,” says Trump.

Dr. Anthony Fauci says that human trials of these vaccines are underway and on track. And he says we could expect the FDA will approve a drug within 12 – 18 months.

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Trump desperately wants to get America’s economy up and running again . . . because dire predictions for a 30% – 50% drop in GDP could detail his reelection plans.

Two things that must happen to get America back to business:

First, we need widespread testing.

The U.S. needs to up its game with testing for the virus. We need to implement aggressive testing of millions of Americans every single week. Those who test positive need to be isolated. And their contacts must then be immediately tested as well.

Widespread testing will give Americans comfort. It will let us know that those who are infected are being isolated while they recover.

Second, we need a therapeutic drug.

Experts suggest that a preventative vaccine won’t be available until 2021. Even if COVID-19 is beaten back by summer, the virus is expected to stage a comeback in the autumn.

That’s why biotech companies need to move quickly to make a therapeutic drug widely available. Americans must have confidence that if they get sick there is a solution that can help avoid serious illness or death.

There are two approaches to a drug therapy. Doctors could use antiviral drugs to target the virus. These could be the same drugs that are used for influenza or HIV. An alternative approach uses antibody drugs to fight an infection.

America is home to the most innovative biotech companies in the world.

We continue to face the biggest health crisis since the Spanish Influenza in 1918. And overcoming this crisis requires innovation from the U.S. government and private biotech companies.

Pharmaceutical and biotech companies appear to be stepping up in a major way. Now they simply need the government to remove the red tape and fast-track therapies that could save millions of lives worldwide.

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