5 Urgent Coronavirus Headlines

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It was the worst week for stocks since 2008.

The rapid spread of the coronavirus took down stocks last week.

And that meant 12% – 13% losses for the major U.S. stock market indices. 

Yet a small group of biotech stocks are taking off. And history shows that these stocks could surge 381% . . .  1,176% . . .  and even over 3,825% in the coming months.

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This morning the market is posting early gains. And it looks like we’ll see a reprieve from last week’s losses.

Let’s take a look at the major coronavirus news from the weekend.

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Federal Reserve Could Cut Rates by 0.50%

On Friday, Fed Chair Jerome Powell said that he’d do whatever was necessary to support the economy (and that means the stock market). The Fed is now widely expected to cut rates by 0.25% – 0.50% at the March 17 – 18 meeting.

Let’s watch the market action early this week. If stocks continue to freefall, I’d expect the Fed will step up with a rate cut in early March.

Two Deaths in Washington State

There have now been two coronavirus deaths in Washington state. Both are connected to a medical center in the Seattle suburb of Kirkland.

Currently there are 13 cases of the virus on Washington. However, that’s expected to rise quickly in the coming days. USA Today reports that there could be a few hundred people infected in the state.

There are already an additional 50 staff and residents of the medical facility who are experiencing symptoms. And they’re expected to be tested in the coming days.

Plus, on Sunday three additional states reported their first confirmed cases of coronavirus. These include Florida, New York and Rhode Island. It appears that all of these cases are from individuals who had recently traveled abroad.

California Monitoring 8,400 People

California has more confirmed coronavirus cases than any other state. And it’s expected to see more confirmed cases in the coming days.

The state is currently monitoring 8,400 people who appear to be at risk. This includes people who have traveled abroad or come in contact with infected individuals.

Last week Gov. Gavin Newsom said California only had 200 coronavirus testing kits. The CDC reports that it’s working to make testing more available to states.

Among biotech stocks, one could reveal a coronavirus vaccine in the coming days. And shares could surge 3,825% on the news (click here for details).

Amazon Bans Travel to Keep Employees Safe

Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) just informed all 798,000 employees to stop travel in the U.S. and abroad. The company had already restricted travel to China and other high-risk countries.

This recent move discourages all “non-essential” travel even within the U.S.  Amazon instructed employees not to plan any travel until at least April.

Italy: 50% Increase in Coronavirus Cases

Coronavirus is spreading rapidly in Italy. Most cases are concentrated in northern Italy.

Over the weekend, the number of confirmed cases surged 50%. There are now 1,694 cases in the European country. And 34 people have died.

Italy now has more coronavirus cases than any country outside of Asia. Delta Air Lines canceled all flights to Milan until May 1.

The Bottom Line

Coronavirus is spreading within the U.S. Early reports show very limited spread within just a few states.

However, we know that there is a lengthy 14-day incubation period for the virus. That means the virus has been spreading undetected for weeks.

The news headlines related to coronavirus will likely be worse in the coming days. And you should prepare for further losses in the stock market.

If you’re seeking safety and security in the near-term, you should look at:

  • U.S. government issued bonds
  • Cash
  • Gold

Of course, if you’re actually looking to profit from this market . . .

These three biotech stocks must be on your BUY LIST.

That’s because biotech stocks have THE solution to the coronavirus. Only a vaccine will END this pandemic. And this little-known stock is getting ready to test its vaccine.

Recent outbreaks have sent shares surging 3811%, 1,176% and even over 3,825%!

I expect that within six to 12 months the markets will have forgotten about the coronavirus. However, in the near-term the news will be decidedly negative.

Move to safer investments if you’re uncomfortable with the prospect of near-term losses.

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Yours in Wealth & Health,

Ian Wyatt

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