Bitcoin $58k Creates Profit Windfall for These Stocks

Bitcoin prices are surging . . .

+816% in the last year to reach $58,450.

That’s creating a huge profit windfall for “crypto stocks,” including Coinbase (private) . . . and these two cryptocurrency Pre-IPOs.

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Cryptocurrency exchanges help create a market for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies.

They’re essentially like ETrade or Robinhood – but trading cryptos instead of stocks. And they earn money based upon the transaction volume.

As the prices of cryptos increase – these exchanges earn more money from the trades.

Bitcoin is up 816% in the last year. Ethereum has gained 1,214% during the same time. And that’s creating windfall profits for these stocks.

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cryptocurrency exchanges

The rise of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptos means . . .

The total market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies just reached $2 trillion, according to Bloomberg.

Profit Windfall for Coinbase and Other Exchanges

So, what does this mean for crypto exchanges?

Business is BOOMING.

Coinbase just released preliminary financial results for the last three months. And the Coinbase results are mind-blowing:

  • $1.8 billion in revenues
  • $730 – $780 million in profits – a 43% net profit margin
  • +844% jump in sales
  • 2,298% surge in profits

These results were released ahead of next week’s IPO.

cryptocurrency exchanges

Coinbase plans to launch its IPO on April 14.

Transactions on the private market in March have given Coinbase  a $68 billion valuation. However, these latest results suggest that the company could be worth north of $100 billion.

Coinbase will go public in a direct listing next week. And that means NOBODY can buy shares until it’s trading on the NASDAQ.

However, my research has uncovered a hyper-growth cryptocurrency exchange. And it’s getting ready to IPO in the coming months.

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