Korean Boy Band IPO Jumps 91% – What’s Next?

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It’s the latest sign of the huge IPO boom . . .

The world’s biggest boy band just launched a huge IPO with 91% gains.

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So, how exactly does a pop music band go public?

Big Hit Entertainment is the management company behind the biggest pop music sensation.

The band is named BTS. It was the first Korean band to top Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. And last year the band earned $170 million touring.

Big Hit Entertainment just went public in an IPO.

The company discovers music talent at an early age. And spends up to $100,000 on training and development of each potential star.

The pop band BTS is responsible for 90% of Big Hit Entertainment’s revenues.

The boy band IPO raised $840 million from investors. And the boy band IPO transaction valued the company at $4 billion.

The 91% jump in Big Hit Entertainment stock means the company is now valued at nearly $8 billion.

That’s a huge price tag for a music and entertainment company.

For comparison, Warner Music Group is worth $15 billion. And concert event company Live Nation Entertainment is valued at $12 billion.

Big Hit Entertainment turned a profit of $86 million last year. That means the company trades at approximately 93-times last year’s earnings.

The boy band IPO was oversubscribed by individuals and institutional investors. Individuals placed orders for 600-times the available number of shares. And institutional investors were even more interested – with demand for 1,100-times the available shares.

Each of the seven band members received 68,000 shares of stock in the boy band IPO. And after the opening day pop – those shares were worth $16 million.

This South Korean boy band IPO is the latest signal that investors are hungry for new growth stocks.

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