Coronavirus Recession: 100% Chance Unless . . .

coronavirus recession

There’s now a 100% chance of recession.

For the last couple weeks, I’ve been sounding this warning. And now I’m seeing major economists come to the same conclusion:

U.S. GDP will fall 2% – 3% in 2020.

ONLY a coronavirus-stopping drug – like this new cure – can stop the economic pain.

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The U.S. will be hit just as hard as China by the coronavirus recession. So, let’s take a look at the effect of coronavirus  on the Chinese economy . . .

  • Industrial production fell 13.5%
  • Manufacturing dropped 15%
  • Exports fell 17%
  • Retail sales dropped 23%
  • Automotive production plunged 32%
  • New housing starts declined 44%

Autonomous Research reports that China’s GDP will fall 12% in the first quarter.

Now, the Chinese government will never release the real GDP numbers (and they haven’t done so in years).

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How bad will the coronavirus recession be in America?

Goldman Sachs reports that second-quarter GDP (April – June) will plunge 5%. That’s the biggest decline since the Great Recession.

Washington seems to be waking up to the economic crisis.

Sen. Mitt Romney is recommending a $1,000 cash handout for every American adult. And that’s probably a good starting point – yet still not enough.

Meanwhile, President Trump will meet with Republican Senators tomorrow. And he’s expected to request $850 billion in stimulus.

Airlines are expected to get $50 billion in bailout cash. And that’s hopefully enough to keep them afloat as travel grinds to a halt.

Meanwhile, Trump is pushing for a payroll tax cut that would instantly give every American a raise.

These are good starting points in this coronavirus recession. Yet they still are not enough. The coming 60 days will see an unprecedented economic slowdown . . . one that we have not seen since the Great Depression.

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Yours in Health & Wealth,

Ian Wyatt

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