Attention President Trump: Close Down America


America is FAILING in the war against coronavirus.

Swift action and this Covid-19 vaccine are required to contain this health crisis. That’s why Bill Gates is betting over $10 million on this new vaccine.

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Today’s letter to the president recommending immediate action:

Dear President Trump,

The coronavirus pandemic is unfolding before our eyes.

Over the weekend, America’s number of Covid-19 cases has doubled to 3,806.

Unfortunately, the actual number is likely at least 10 times greater. That’s because the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) decided to create its own test – rather than simply using a reliable test from the World Health Organization (WHO).

One professor at Johns Hopkins University estimates that there are 25,000 – 500,000 cases of Covid-19 in the U.S. And the virus is spreading very rapidly.

In China, Wuhan saw the number of cases surge from 444 on Jan. 23 to 4,903 on Jan. 30. Meanwhile, Italy had 62 cases on Feb. 22. By March 6 it had multiplied to 4,636. Just 10 days later, Italy is at 24,747 cases.

Without a coronavirus vaccine available, the United States must take swift and drastic measures.

Today I recommend two immediate actions for your consideration. These actions are the same things that allowed China and South Korea to effectively stop the spread of this pandemic.

First, immediately order a complete lockdown of the United States.

This would include:

  • Strict travel restrictions – including closing airports and mass transit
  • Closure of schools and businesses
  • Suspend all non-essential government services

Under this scenario, only grocery stores, pharmacies, banks and health-care facilities would remain open for business.

Closing down America is a difficult decision.

Today, reports suggest there are 3,806 cases of Covid-19 in America. However, your health experts know that the true number is likely 10 times larger at over 38,000. Within a week, expanded testing will confirm this rapid spread. You do not need to wait for confirmation from the CDC in order to make the right decision.

America must move toward 100% shutdown – just like France, Italy and Spain. China has already proven that complete containment is the only way to stop the spread.

Electing to make this hard decision now will hurt the economy and the stock market. However, making this decision sooner – rather than later – will save thousands of lives. And it will allow America to rebound from this crisis sooner rather than later.

Second, immediately implement aggressive testing for Covid-19.

For the last week, the American people have been told that millions of coronavirus tests will be available. However, continued delays mean that extensive testing is not being completed.

The U.S. must aggressively begin testing individuals. This will allow those with Covid-19 to self-quarantine and avoid spreading the virus.

South Korea has been able to avoid nationwide lockdown by aggressive and early testing. As of March 8, South Korea had tested over 189,000 people. That equates to 3,692 tests per million people for COVID-19.

Here in the U.S. we had only tested 1,707 people as of last week. That equates to just five tests per million people.

America needs to begin aggressive testing nationwide. It’s less important whether the test is from the CDC or the WHO. It’s crucial that we identify sick individuals and isolate them immediately.

America has the strongest economy in the entire world. We will all accept that the coronavirus will cause the first recession in over 11 years.

Please make the difficult decisions today.

Your prompt action will save thousands of lives. And the sooner we contain Covid-19, the sooner America’s economy will get back to business.


Ian Wyatt


Containment is step #1.

And a coronavirus vaccine is step #2.

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Yours in Health & Wealth,

Ian Wyatt

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