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Bitcoin is surging past $35,000 . . . and that’s encouraging crypto companies to go public.

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Cryptocurrencies are in a raging bull market. And Bitcoin is the “blue chip” among the cryptos.

Bitcoin has jumped 375% in the last year – and it’s extending those gains today.

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Last month, a cryptocurrency broker named Coinbase filed for a confidential Initial Public Offering (IPO). And another crypto company now plans to go public.

eToro (private) is rumored to be working with Goldman Sachs on its IPO.

The Israeli crypto company provides an exchange with 93 cryptocurrencies.

eToro’s 17 million clients use the platform to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital currencies. Last year the company added 5 million clients.

Trading volume tripled in 2020. Revenues reportedly doubled to over $500 million. And the crypto company is profitable.

The company already raised $200 million from venture capital investors.

One large U.S. institutional investor recently purchased $50 million in stock from eToro employees. That Pre-IPO transaction was completed at a $2.5 billion valuation in August.

However, the rising price of Bitcoin and other currencies is raising the value of companies in the sector.

That’s why the eToro IPO is expected to have a valuation of around $5 billion.

eToro is considering an IPO in the second quarter of 2021 – between April and June.

It’s also possible that the crypto company could complete a Pre-IPO financing prior to going public (go here to see how). Rumors from several financial websites suggest that this may be considered.

Smart investors are jumping into stocks like e-Toro BEFORE they go public.

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