Deadline: Act Before June 23 – the #1 EV Lithium Stock

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EV Lithium Stock

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Here’s why…

You’ve probably heard that the EV industry is growing at a record pace.

By 2030, it’s projected that EV sales could make up 50% of all new vehicle sales.

That’s up to 30 or 50 times MORE sales than what we’re seeing in 2021…

And that future is only 9 years away!

But what you may not have heard is that battery metals are one of the most important factors in producing EVs.

Metals like cobalt, nickel, and copper are certainly important…

But perhaps the most crucial of all is Lithium. (Click here for details on my #1 EV Lithium stock).

Lithium-ion is currently the gold-standard for EV batteries. Without them, these vehicles couldn’t be built.

Now, the production of EVs is going through the roof. And that means more and more lithium is required to meet the ambitious goals of EV automakers.

In fact, Bloomberg predicts the demand for lithium-ion batteries will increase 16,681% by 2030!

This is creating one huge problem:

A lithium shortage.

The companies that mine lithium can’t just double or triple production of these metals overnight. It takes YEARS for producers to actually start mining.

As a result, companies that already have the land, claims, and lithium reserves are seeing huge demand for their assets. (Like this lithium company here.)

The price of lithium is up 128% since last August…

And several lithium stocks are already seeing their share prices explode.

I expect battery metals like lithium could be the most profitable growth trend in my portfolio over the next 12-24 months…

And this battery boom could be a DECADE-long trend.

But right now, one lithium stock stands above the rest.

It’s a Nevada-based company that could help put the United States on the global map for lithium. And give EV automakers access to this battery metal without going through multiple overseas parties.

Today, you’ve got the opportunity to become a founding investor in this new American lithium stock.

You can claim shares at a 50% DISCOUNT to the publicly traded share price…

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In a few days, this opportunity is going away FOREVER.

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Yours in Wealth,
Ian Wyatt

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