The 2 Hottest IPOs for December

DoorDash IPO

December is shaping up to be the biggest month for initial public offerings.

Right now, the focus is on just two private companies that are going public:

DoorDash and Airbnb.

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The DoorDash IPO and Airbnb IPO are expected to be huge successes.

Inside the DoorDash IPO

DoorDash has been a beneficiary of the Covid-19 pandemic. The company offers home delivery of meals to 18 million customers.

People are increasingly ordering food for delivery – rather than dining in restaurants. DoorDash offers lots of meal options with 390,000 restaurants on the platform.

In the DoorDash IPO, the company plans to raise $2.8 million through the sale of shares.

Meanwhile, the DoorDash IPO is expected to value the company at around $30 billion. That’s nearly double the $16 billion Pre-IPO valuation in June.

With the launch of the DoorDash IPO, the stock will begin trading in December on the NYSE with the ticker symbol DASH.

Inside the Airbnb IPO

Airbnb is a home sharing platform. It connects homeowners with short-term renters.

Initially, the company took a big hit from cancellations in March and April. However, Airbnb recovered by slashing expenses and focusing on offering regional vacation options for people wanting a local vacation.

Airbnb saw its valuation plunge from $31 billion in 2017 to $18 billion in April.

The company has seen a 39% drop in bookings in 2020. However, IPO investors blame this setback entirely on the pandemic. And that’s why they’re largely ignoring the company’s temporary downturn.

Today the company is on the cusp of raising $3 billion in an IPO. And the deal will give Airbnb a valuation of $30 billion – $33 billion.

Airbnb expects to IPO in December on the NASDAQ. The ticker symbol will be ABNB.

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Wall Street STOPS You from Buying IPOs

These two IPOs are being led by some of Wall Street’s biggest firms.

Morgan Stanley is the lead on the Airbnb IPO. And Goldman Sachs is taking the lead on the DoorDash IPO.

Other firms involved in these deals include JP Morgan, Barclays and Allen & Co.

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