DoorDash Shares: Are They Really Worth $102?

$102. That’s the initial public offering price for DoorDash (NYSE: DASH) shares.

DoorDash shares

Yet these prized IPO shares will only be available to +$10 million clients at Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. And that means regular investors like us will NEVER be able to buy DoorDash shares at that price.

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DoorDash Soars 2,636% BEFORE the IPO

DoorDash is a meal delivery service that connects restaurants with 18 million customers. The company has been thriving – especially since the pandemic began in March.

Fewer people are eating in restaurants. And more people are ordering meals to eat at home. That’s translated into surging sales of $1.9 billion in the first nine months of the year.

The bullish outlook for DoorDash has already sent the company’s valuation soaring.

  • $1.4 Billion in May 2018
  • $7.1 Billion in Feb. 2019
  • $16 Billion in June 2020
  • $38 Billion in Dec. 2020

DoorDash’s total value has jumped 2,636% in the last 2 ½ years – BEFORE the stock started trading.

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Are DoorDash Shares Worth $102 or MORE?

Wall Street bankers are raising the DoorDash IPO price.

Initially, the IPO price range for DoorDash shares was $75 – $85. It’s continually been increased. And last night Goldman Sachs finally determined that the price will be $102.

DoorDash Pre-IPO investors, including Softbank, will earn a fortune. The Japanese venture capital firm invested $680 million in the company. And that investment is now worth $5 billion, according to The Wall Street Journal.

This suggests a $38.3 billion total market value for DoorDash. And this makes the company more valuable than these stocks:

  • eBay: $34 Billion
  • Walgreens: $35 Billion
  • Chipotle: $37 Billion
  • Twitter: $37.8 Billion

Additionally, the company is on pace to generate sales of around $2.5 billion – $3.0 billion in 2020.

This suggests that the company is valued at 13 – 16-times sales. For comparison, that price-to-sales ratio is double the 7.8-times sales for Uber (NYE: UBER).

The biggest risk for DoorDash is slowing sales. It’s unlikely that the company can sustain sales growth AFTER the pandemic ends. And DoorDash could even be at risk of declining sales after consumers begin eating out again. Any deterioration in the company’s growth could send the stock plunging.

Now, DoorDash shares may jump in today’s IPO debut. But I’m not planning to chase DoorDash shares today or anytime soon.

Instead, I’m focusing on upcoming Pre-IPOs.

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