JP Morgan Says This Electric Vehicle Stock Will Double

J.P. Morgan is bullish on electric vehicles. That’s why it is issuing a BUY RECOMMENDATION on one electric vehicle stock.

Frankly, I’m expecting JPM will soon be recommending this NEW electric vehicle stock. However, that next recommendation will probably come 60 days AFTER trading begins.

Don’t wait for this next electric vehicle stock recommendation.

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J.P. Morgan is recommending shares of NIO (NYSE: NIO). 

The new price target is $40 – or double the stock’s average price from the last month.

The firm’s analyst thinks China’s electric vehicle penetration will increase by four times by 2025. That would translate into 20% of new cars being EVs.

NIO stock was on life support back in March – trading at under $3 per share.

Since then the stock has rallied 1,099% to trade above $28.

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electric vehicle stock

Here’s the thing…

Wall Street analysts tend to be late to the game. For example, this analyst at J.P. Morgan is recommending NIO AFTER the stock already jumped in valued by 10 times!

Early investing is the key to big profits.

That means investing in high-growth companies BEFORE the story becomes well known . . . and before the stock prices has increased by 1,000%.

Fortunately, I’ve just discovered another electric vehicle stock that’s still in the early stages. This little-known company plans to produce over 1 million electric vehicle SUVs. And the car will be priced below $40,000.

Shares of this company are still private. And it’s scheduled to go public before the end of October.

That’s why I’m jumping into this deal and claiming Pre-IPO shares.

Once this electric vehicle stock starts trading I’m expecting 839% gains or more. And I’d like to bring you up to speed before this stock starts trading.

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