Ford Goes 100% EV – Profit with My #1 Pre IPO

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Ford (NYSE: F) plans to move 100% to electric vehicles in Europe . . .

As part of the company’s plans to “double down” on EVs.

One tiny EV battery stock could be a key supplier to Ford and General Motors (NYSE: GM). And that’s just one reason I’m scooping up shares BEFORE the IPO.

Wall Street’s top firms are already investing nearly $500 million in this Pre-IPO. Plus, regular investors can also jump in before this private stock goes public.

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My price target suggests that the stock could jump 460% AFTER the deal is done.

Ford just announced two ambitious goals . . .

  • Every passenger vehicle will be capable of zero emissions by mid-2026
  • 100% of the vehicles will be all-electric by 2030

Ford plans to spend $22 billion on EV initiatives over the next  five years. That is double the previously announced plans.

Europe is currently the biggest market for EVs – with 1.3 million passenger vehicles on the road. China is the runner-up with 1.2 million EVs.

Today, Ford announced a $1 billion investment in Germany.

The funds will be used to convert an existing production facility to making 100% EVs.

Other major automaker including Jaguar Land Rover, Kia, Volkswagen and Daimler are also announcing major EV initiatives.

2020 was the year that Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) took off . . .

And 2021 will be the year that the other automakers play catch-up.

Right now, we’re in the early innings of an EV boom. And just about every single of the electric vehicle stocks is taking off (go here for my #1 EV Pre-IPO for February).

That’s why I’m focused on scooping up Pre-IPO shares of new electric vehicle stocks.

One of my favorite electric vehicle stocks is a lidar sensor company started by ex-Apple engineers. The company’s lidar could be found in new cars from Ford and even the Apple Car.

Another top pick is an EV battery stock that just did $100 million in annual sales. Plus, they have a backlog of over $1.5 billion in future sales!

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