This Secret Element Powers the Tech Boom

Everyone knows that electric vehicles (EVs) will become a $1.9 TRILLION industry.

The entire industry requires one critical element to turn this dream into a reality.

Here’s the problem . . .

There’s already huge shortage of this material that’s also found inside every laptop, iPhone, camera and anything else using a battery. And that’s sending prices soaring.

One American company plans to profit from this boom. And early investors could see 985% gains along the way.

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Everyone’s been making a big noise about electric vehicles for the last year . . . and talking about how they’re going to take over the world in just a few years’ time.

Big projections suggest that this could blossom into a $1.9 TRILLION industry!

Now, that’s certainly something to be excited about . . .

But what you may not have heard is that there’s a critical shortage of one mystical element that makes the future growth of EVs possible in the first place!

Without it . . .

EVs won’t have a chance of taking off as projected.  And to make matters even more complicated . . .

China has a stranglehold on about two-thirds of the production of this element.

That makes it increasingly difficult for the U.S. to access enough of this material to power this $1.9 TRILLION transportation revolution.

The majority of this special element is produced in China and a few other countries outside the U.S. And there’s recently been a massive supply chain disruption.

Global supply is not keeping up with the enormous demand for this one crucial element.

Now, I’m sure you’re wondering why this element is so critical to the success of electric vehicles. Without it, not only will the production of EVs suffer. But the production of a host of emerging technologies will suffer, too!

This “superpower element” is VITAL for all kinds of technological developments.

From state-of-the-art cell phones . . .

To Apple and Microsoft’s newest computer releases . . .

Even solar-energy storage!

In fact, you might be surprised to know that this little-known element likely exists in multiple places within your home right now!

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Let’s consider the facts…

  1. Future technologies are highly dependent on this special element . . .
  • There’s a supply shortage due to increased demand and not enough production facilities . . .
  • And China is leading global production by a LONG stretch.

And while everyone’s been talking exclusively about how EVs will dominate the future of transportation . . .

They’ve missed some incredible news:

One undiscovered American company could be on the verge of a major discovery. And it’s happening right here in the western United States.

Their goal is to supply the $1.9 TRILLION electric vehicle revolution . . . and make the U.S. a powerful competitor to China in the battle for this element.

The best part?

You’ve got a chance to claim “founding shares” of this company . . .

Which could have the potential to see 985% gains on this stock alone!

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