Tesla CEO Loves This Undiscovered IPO

Elon Musk is jumping onboard a brand-new IPO . . .

Serving on the board of directors of the company that owns Ultimate Fighting Championship and Miss Universe.

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Elon Musk’s co-founders are also jumping into early-stage IPOs. And they’re opening the doors to everyone.

One 3D printing tech stock could surge 376% AFTER the IPO. Plus, an EV ridesharing stock could jump 443% AFTER going public – based upon my estimates (click here for details).

So, what company just landed Elon Musk?

It’s called Endeavor (private).

The diverse company started as a Hollywood talent agency. And it’s since expanded business to include Miss Universe and New York Fashion Week.

The company’s real prize is the Ultimate Fighting Championship – also known simply as UFC.

Endeavor already owns 51% of UFC. Part of its IPO plans include purchasing the remaining 49%  of the company.

Last year Endeavor reported sales of $3.5 billion. Losses totaled $625 million – thanks to the crushing effect of the pandemic on live events.

IPO details are still confidential, according to the SEC filing.

Endeavor didn’t disclose how much money it aims to raise. Or the valuation of the company.

However, in 2019 the private company tried to raise $712 million. Endeavor was seeking a $6.3 billion valuation at the time.

Endeavor is led by Ari Emanuel – an early supporter of Tesla. Ari is the brother of Rahm Emanuel – the 55th mayor of Chicago and President Obama’s former chief of staff.

Ari has connections with President Donald Trump. In 2015, his company acquired Miss Universe from the Trump Organization.

It’s expected that Musk will be named to the board before the Endeavor IPO. And investors will have to WAIT for the IPO to buy shares.

PayPal Insiders Launch 7 Pre-IPOs

Elon Musk and other PayPal insiders have been prolific investors. In fact, they’ve founded and invested in some of the biggest Silicon Valley successes including . . .

Airbnb. Spotify. Lyft. Stripe. Yelp. YouTube. LinkedIn. Facebook. And hundreds more.

Typically, these deals remain private for years. And that means only venture capitalists and billionaires can invest in the early stages.

However, I’ve recently uncovered a little-known secret called “The VC Code.”

It simply lets ANYONE buy shares of the next big tech stock BEFORE the IPO.

Right now, a small group of PayPal Insiders are launching seven of these Pre-IPOs.

One of these is a 3D printing company targeting $700 million in annual sales. Another company is making Electric Vehicle aircraft. And it plans to become a revolutionary, groundbreaking ridesharing operation.

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