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One EV battery stock is going public on Dec. 29.

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Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) stock has soared 665% in 2020. And that’s making investors extremely excited for other electric vehicle stocks and EV battery stocks.

One example is QuantumScape (NYSE: QS) – which went public on Nov. 30.

QuantumScape is developing a next-generation solid state EV battery. Bill Gates was an early investor. And then the company partnered up with Volkswagen, which now owns 30% of the stock.

Pre-IPO investors have already seen huge gains . . .

New EV Pre-IPO Starts Trading

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EV battery

QuantumScape is getting tons of attention. That’s because the company’s next-generation EV batteries are 1) faster charging, 2) longer lasting, and 3) safer.

On Nov. 4 I alerted clients to the QuantumScape Pre-IPO. And the stock price was just $12.65.

QuantumScape shares had jumped to $45 by the time the stock went public. And it’s nearly doubled to +$82 today!

Shares have gained 552% since the early November Pre-IPO!

Perhaps you missed out on QuantumScape . . .

The Next EV Battery IPO Starts Trading Dec. 29

It’s tough to miss out on a big winner like QuantumScape. But you don’t need to sit on the sidelines any longer . . .

One brand-new EV battery stock is preparing to go public.

The company is working on a next generation lithium-ion battery. It’s focused on providing batteries for a wide range of commercial vehicles.

That’s why it’s partnering with a huge auto industry supplier.

Here’s why I’m excited about the stock:

  • Partnership with a top auto supplier with +$10 billion in sales
  • New contract to supply over $210 million of batteries for commercial vehicles
  • Negotiating contracts worth over $2.4 billion

The company is making next-generation lithium-ion batteries. They could be used by automakers around the world . . . and be used to power buses, trucks and other commercial vehicles.

A former top battery engineer at Tesla and SpaceX is leading the product development. A team of 50+ engineers aim to create the best EV battery ever.

Now, insiders have already invested over $120 million in capital in this PRIVATE EV battery stock.

Wall Street is now lining up to invest $370 million in a Pre-IPO financing.

This EV battery stock plans to IPO on Dec. 29.

Now, the holidays can be a busy time. So, it’ll be easy to overlook this upcoming IPO.

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