Amazon EV Stock Plans 2021 IPO

One new Michigan EV stock is preparing to go public . . .

And it could be a big win for Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) and other early investors.

The upcoming Initial Public Offering could value this stock at up to $50 billion.

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The company is called Rivian Automotive (private).

Rivian is developing EV pickup trucks, SUVs and delivery vehicles. The company’s first EV pickup truck will be available in June. An SUV is coming out in August.

The IPO for the EV stock could come as soon as September, according to Bloomberg.

Amazon has already agreed to purchase 100,000 of these EV delivery trucks from Rivian. Plus, Amazon made a very sizable investment.

Amazon Electric Vehicle ‘Robotruck’

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ev stock

Rivian has raised $8 billion in capital from investors.

That included a $2.7 billion Pre-IPO financing in January led by T. Rowe Price.

Amazon already invested $700 million in Rivian. And Ford (NYSE: F) put $500 million into the startup EV company.

The EV boom is underway. And Rivian’s IPO plans are the latest sign . . .

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One new EV company is creating a next-generation battery. It can go from ZERO to fully charged in 15 minutes. And it’s reported to be 100% safe and non-flammable.

I’m expecting that this new company could go public this spring. Yet before that happens, the company is raising a final $475 million Pre-IPO financing.

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