#1 Stock for Tesla’s EV Bull Market

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Let’s face it . . . Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) is 100% responsible for the electric vehicle boom. And it’s sparking triple-digit profits for dozens of undiscovered EV stocks.

My #1 new EV stock is going public in December. Yet you can grab shares today – before we see the stock price double on its NYSE debut.

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Tesla shares have soared 38% since Nov. 16.

That’s when S&P Global announced that Tesla would FINALLY be added to the S&P 500 index. This latest move takes Tesla stock to all-time highs . . .

With shares posting a 479% gain in 2020!

Tesla’s success – and market value exceeding $500 billion – is extremely bullish for the entire sector. That’s allowing new EV companies to raise hundreds of millions of dollars in financing.

Many of these companies are going public via an initial public offering or IPO.

Most investors simply focus on Tesla. Yet they’re missing out on dozens of smaller EV stocks. And these less well-known stocks could deliver even bigger profits.

Just check out the top 10 EV stocks and their YTD performance:

Top 10 EV Stocks for 2020 (NOT Tesla)

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  • 69% in Fisker
  • 83% in Hyliion
  • 109% in Li Auto
  • 123% in Lordstown Motors
  • 150% gains in XPeng
  • 214% in Electrameccanica Vehicles
  • 236% in QuantumScape
  • 577% in Workhorse Group
  • 610% in Arcimoto
  • 1,099% gains in Nio

These EV stocks are already posting huge gains. And they may continue riding Elon Musk’s coattails.

However, these EV stocks have already doubled . . . tripled . . . and even increased in value by 10 times. So, chasing these winners could be a huge mistake . . .

That’s why I’m focusing my research on the next EV stocks that are going public. And I’m targeting companies that are creating new battery technology to power new EV cars, trucks and buses . . .  

This week I’m issuing an urgent BUY ALERT on three new EV stocks.

The best part is that these companies are currently privately held.

Yet they’re all planning to go public and IPO before Dec.  1. And you can actually BUY shares of these stocks just a few days BEFORE they start trading.

Now, you won’t hear about these new EV stocks on CNBC or The Wall Street Journal before they go public. CNBC and the WSJ only talk up stocks after they’ve gone public. And by then – the share price could easily double.

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Yours in Wealth,

Ian Wyatt

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