These EV Stocks Will Soar 50% in 2021

EV stocks

The bull market for electric vehicle stocks is just getting started.

One top Wall Street analyst says the entire sector could jump up to 50%!

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Here’s the deal . . .

Most EV stocks have already taken off. However, one private EV company hasn’t launched its IPO yet. And therefore, we haven’t yet seen huge gains.

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Top analysts on Wall Street are getting even more bullish on EV stocks . . .

“In my opinion EV stocks could be up another 40% – 50% this year, given what we’re seeing in terms of a green tidal wave globally,” says Wedbush Securities analyst Daniel Ives.

The EV market saw $250 billion in sales last year, according to Fortune Business Insights.

The industry could grow by 2,000% to reach $5 trillion within the next decade.

Pure-play EV stocks including Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA), Fisker (NYSE: FSR) and Nio (NYSE: NIO) could all be big winners.

Legacy automakers including Ford (NYSE: F) and General Motors (NYSE: GM) could also profit. The established automakers have been slow to rollout EVs. However, they’re making huge investments and appear determined to adapt to EV.

Ford announced that it would invest $29 billion in developing EVs in the next five years. Meanwhile, General Motors plans a similar $27 billion investment.

The major automakers realize they that must win with new electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles will be one of the biggest growth trends for the coming decade. And smart investors are scooping up shares of the best stocks with the brightest prospects.

The Top EV Stocks: Pre-IPOs for 2021

Many EV stocks have already doubled or tripled in the last year.

In fact, shares of Tesla Motors have surged 367% in the last year! And the company’s valuation is already at nearly $650 billion.

It tough to chase these high-flying EV stocks AFTER they’ve already surged.

That’s why I’m so excited about a new group of EV stocks preparing to go public.

One of my favorite PRIVATE Pre-IPO stocks is making lidar sensors for EVs.

This company was started by ex-Apple engineers. This new technology could be the key to self-driving cars. And it’s even possible that this lidar technology will be inside the new Apple Car.

Plus, another Texas company is making a groundbreaking EV battery.

This new battery can be 100% charged in just 15 minutes. Plus, it’s 100% safe.

The private company sold $100 million worth of these batteries last year. And it has a huge backlog . . .  including orders for $1.5 billion of these EV batteries!

Again – this company is currently PRIVATE.

However, the company plans to go public this spring. And right now, you can scoop up your Pre-IPO shares BEFORE the stock starts trading.

Unlike publicly traded EV stocks like Tesla – this one hasn’t already jumped +300% in the last year.

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Yours in Wealth,

Ian Wyatt

Full Disclosure: Ian Wyatt currently owns shares of Fisker.

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