How the Fed Sparks the IPO Boom

Goldman Sachs CEO says . . .


FREE money is creating an IPO boom in 2020.

This boom is handing banks like Goldman and JPMorgan millions in fees. And it’s minting new millionaires every single week.

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The IPO boom is undeniable.

154 companies have already launched IPOs in 2020 – raising a total of $54.5 billion! You may have missed out on these IPOs. But I have a little good news . . .

Another 156 private companies are WAITING to go public this year.

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So, what’s behind the IPO boom of 2020?

It’s all thanks to the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank, according to the former CEO of Goldman Sachs.

Lloyd Blankfein says that the markets are “a wash of free money.” And he’s referring to the rapid expansion of the Fed’s balance sheet.

Fed Actions Spark IPO Boom of 2020

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The current pandemic and recession forced the U.S. government to take unusually aggressive actions.

Fiscal stimulus included has totaled $3 trillion thus far. And President Trump and Congress continue to discuss the potential for additional stimulus before the Nov. 3 election.

Meanwhile, the Fed’s actions are even more responsible for the IPO boom (click here to discover the next biotech Pre-IPO for 454% gains).

The above chart tracks the balance sheet of the Fed. You can see that back in 2008 the Fed had $1 trillion in assets. And in the wake of the 2008 – 2009 financial crisis the Fed started something called Quantitative Easing or simply QE.

Basically, QE allowed the Fed to print money and buy its own assets. For example, the Fed could buy up mortgages, municipal bonds and even U.S. Treasury bonds.

QE is one key reason that stocks and real estate have done so well since 2010.

The Fed and the financial markets got hooked on QE for a good reason. Increasing the money supply is supposed to encourage banks to lend money. And it helps keep interest rates low.

It’s designed to help support the economy. It also has the effect of encouraging investors to invest in assets such as real estate and stocks.

The current recession encouraged the Fed to “double down” on QE.

The Fed’s balance sheet grew by 70% between February and June.

The U.S. economy is certainly recovering from the depths of the recession in April and May. Yet the Fed is far more responsible for the staggering recovery in asset prices.

The strong stock market is encouraging private companies to go public today.

Most folks will NEVER have a chance to get buy shares at the IPO price. Instead, they’ll wait for the stock to open for trading. And then pay a huge premium of 20% . . . 50% . . .  or even over 100%.

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