Flying Electric Vehicles: PayPal Billionaire Launches Pre-IPO

flying electric vehicles

Electric vehicle stocks are soaring, with gains of 495% for Tesla Motors (NASDAQ: TSLA) and 1,199% for Nio (NYSE: NIO) in the last year. And there’s a new twist: flying electric vehicles.

One billionaire PayPal insider is getting involved with flying electric vehicles (EVs).

The company plans to go public in 2021. And you can grab a stake BEFORE it starts trading.

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This new company plans to pursue a ridesharing model similar to Uber or Lyft.

Flying Electric Vehicles as City Shuttles

Passengers will be shuttled across large and congested cities in vehicles that look like helicopters. Each flying EV will hold four passengers and have a range of over 150 miles.

This PRIVATE company currently plans to launch in major cities including:

  • New York
  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles
  • London
  • Tokyo

These new flying electric vehicles could fly passengers from Manhattan to Greenwich Connecticut in 15-minutes! Plus, the total cost would likely be around $3 per mile – or less than $100.

Commercial service is expected to begin within four years. And by 2026, the company expects to operate over 800 flying electric vehicles.

Sales are expected to surge to over $2 billion by that time. Within a decade the company expects annual sales could top $20 billion!

One PayPal billionaire is now taking a major stake in the private company (go here for details).

In fact, his investment could be worth more than $212 million! And he’s helping the company raise over $1 billion to fund its ambitious plans.

Today, you can claim a stake in this EV aircraft company BEFORE it goes public.

Right now, you can jump onboard and grab Pre-IPO shares.

This company is expected to IPO before the end of 2021.

My price target suggests that the stock could surge 443% AFTER the IPO. Yet today, you can claim shares before that happens.

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